Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

 Freddy and the girls along with their human brothers wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

P.S. I tried to get all the doggies and all the boys facing the camera at the same time. I gave up after these three!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Luna's first kill.

"Where is my lizard?"
Freddy the wiener dog and the girls were searching the plants in the front yard for lizards. Okay, Freddy and Malibu were hunting lizards; Luna was trying to sneak across the front yard after the neighbor's cat. 

I decided to move a patio chair to another spot on the porch so I had a better view of the yard and street. As usual, I banged the chair around and lifted the cushion checking for hidden lizards. Sure enough, there were two rather large lizards hiding underneath the cushion. Of course, I dropped the cushion and started screaming "lizard!" {That's always my natural reaction. I'm 100% girly-girl.} That brought Freddy running over and, interestingly, it brought Luna. Freddy chased one lizard into the bushes; Luna caught the other! Luna kept trying to get into the front door with her lizard, but I refuse to allow playmates inside, so I blocked Luna and shut the door. By now Malibu had shown up and wanted Luna's lizard, but Luna wasn't going to share. Instead, Luna used her front teeth to check the lizard out. She didn't seem sure what to do with it. But, she eventually bit it's head off. Malibu still wanted the lizard, but Luna was going to keep her kill. Luna stood guard over her lizard.

Now, when I finally sat down on the patio chair, I kicked off my flip flops and put my feet up on the chair. When I saw Luna protecting her lizard, I wanted to grab the camera from inside the house. Unfortunately, I didn't look before I leaped. I just put my feet down into my flip-flops. Luna had put her dead lizard on top of my flip flops for additional protection. {Or, perhaps she was trying to share?} After I felt cold, squishy lizard, I shrieked and kicked them off. Of course, I had goo between my toes that I had to remove. Ew!!!!! Luna did not understanding my screaming; she just wanted her lizard back.

I ran into the house for the camera. Luna wasn't sure if she was supposed to follow, so I shut the front door so she couldn't bring her dead lizard into the house. This time I put on a pair of tennis shoes and ran back outside to take the picture. Unfortunately, right as I got there, Malibu ran over and grabbed Luna's dead lizard and ran off with it! So, I have no picture to show Luna's first kill. Now, she's back to staring at the neighbor's cat. I guess catching lizards isn't what she thought it would be......

Friday, December 7, 2012

Bad Daddy. Bad, bad Daddy.

Freddy waiting for Daddy
outside the shower.
Freddy the wiener dog is not happy with his Daddy. Each morning at 6:30 a.m., Mommy drives Steven to the high school. Mommy doesn't take Freddy or Luna for the ride because Freddy and Luna bark too much. The barking really upsets Steven, so Mommy only takes quiet, little Bu. 

Daddy has a four-day workweek. Usually on Friday mornings Daddy and Freddy drive Steven to the high school. But, Daddy slept in this morning. So, Mommy took care of the first car-line drive to school - which means that Freddy didn't get his extra Friday morning ride. 

Daddy woke up 45 minutes later, and Freddy is letting Daddy know how much Freddy is upset with Daddy for missing that ride. He's following Daddy around whining and crying, jumping and scratching. This is not good for Daddy. Now, he'll have to do something extra with Freddy to make up for car-line. And, he'd better. If Daddy doesn't kiss and make up with Freddy, then Freddy will start whining and crying, jumping and scratching at Mommy. Then, Daddy will be in trouble with both Mommy and Freddy......

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2:07 a.m. and The Toddlers want to play.

Malibu the wiener dog decided at 2:07a.m. that it was time for a bathroom break. No problem, Mommy knows the drill. So, she gets all the doggies awake and outside. Naturally, there's a treat involved when all three pee outside in the middle of the night.

Mommy and Freddy came back to bed for sleeping, but Malibu and Luna want to play.....and crunchy water bottles are the best at 2:00 a.m. Mommy took those away. So, Malibu decided that Freddy needed a half-hour bath. Luna won't stop chewing on their plastic doggie stairs.

Mommy and Freddy just want to sleep.