Thursday, March 29, 2012

Freddy caught a cold.

Freddy doesn't feel well.
Freddy, the wiener dog, caught a cold...from Malibu. Malibu got a cold last week in the mountains of Virginia. It lasted about seven days. She got better, and now Freddy is sick. He spent most of his day on his fuzzy brown blanket, not doing much, not each much, not playing much. In fact, he doesn't even want to eat. Right now, Freddy's at the worst of it...fever, sneezing, wheezing.... and a runny nose, a very big running nose.
Not only do they share the same water bowl, but they just adore each other. Malibu grooms Freddy each night. It's just so cute. So, sooner or later I knew that Freddy would get sick too. I just hope it's short and Freddy is back to his feisty self soon.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Malibu got hurt; Freddy stays by her side.

Freddy, the wiener dog, jumped up quickly when he heard Malibu's sharp cry of pain. Mommy and Freddy found Malibu hobbling toward them. Her left hind leg shaking badly. The slightest movement or touch to that paw caused more cries of pain. Mommy went looking for what might have hurt Malibu.

The best we can determine it was a new plant that recently started growing in one spot of the yard. The stems have needle-like hairs that stick out. Daddy discovered the new plant when he stepped on one. The sting lasted four hours, then his foot and leg were numb for 18 hours.

Malibu was in considerable pain for probably a few hours, fitfully trying to fall asleep. She got a tiny aspirin and then feel asleep. Since then, she's been sleeping and sleeping in Mommy's arms. After sleeping 4-5 hours, Mommy got Malibu outside for a pee break and some food and water. Malibu wasn't interested in any of that. So, Mommy put her back to bed. Freddy hasn't been interested in any of that either. He stays on the bed with Malibu, making sure she's okay.

Luna's been worried about her baby sister too. She stays close to Malibu and checks on her from time to time. Daddy's mad that plant keeps growing in the side yard. He went out there this evening spraying weed killer and hacking around any place that plant might be growing. Nobody wants this to happen again, especially Malibu!

Update: Malibu had a tough night, but she feels better this morning. She ate and drank a little for breakfast. Now, she's running around playing. She's not her usual chaotic self, but she's playing well. She even barked at the neighbor's white, fuffy, yappy little dog. That's Freddy's job, so she must be feeling better. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Freddy's back home

Freddy, the wiener dog, is back home in Florida, but Mommy's not sure that he's happy about it. Freddy was outside all the time - lots of hiking and running around. Now, when Mommy puts his harness on for a walk, Freddy doesn't like it. He wants to stay off-leash.

He's also back to barking at everything - neighborhood kids, airplanes, cats, etc. He didn't see any of these things in the mountains so he didn't have anything to bark at. Now, he's barking at everything, but Mommy's not sure that he's happy about it.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Luna and The Twig

Freddy, the wiener dog, was out hiking in the mountains this week. One day the puppies came across a snake. Well, a couple of days later they were out for another hike. Luna stepped on a twig and somehow it flew up at the back and tapped Luna in the derriere. She shrieked and jumped up so high. She thought for sure the snake was back and got her. Freddy just keep hiking, but Malibu came back to check on Luna. Poor thing. It was funny, though.

Luna and The Bear

Time to go home.

Freddy, the wiener dog, started barking about 10:30 p.m. when the neighbor's dog started barking an alert. Luna and Malibu joined in. The dog continued barking his alert on and off for 30 minutes. Whenever he barked, it set off Freddy and the girls. Luna was particularly upset. In fact, when Freddy and Malibu stopped barking, Luna continued. Luna would stop and listen, then start barking again. In between barks, she would run and climb on Mommy's head. Luna was visibly scared. Mommy called Daddy because he's the Alpha Male in Freddy's pack. Daddy came into the room and Luna eventually calmed down. It took a while but she finally went to asleep. Whatever she was hearing outside, she needed the "big dog" in the room for protection.

In the morning, Mommy and Daddy were out hiking with Freddy and the girls. They came across evidence of a bear. No wonder Luna was so terrified - She could hear the bear. Thankfully the bear didn't come close to the cabin or Luna wouldn't have been the only one freaked out.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Freddy and The Bees

Freddy mad at bees.

Freddy, the wiener dog, doesn't like bumblebees. They've been flying around the porch and cabin all week. It's not a swarm or anything like that, but there's plenty of bees to fly around Freddy. This makes Freddy mad. He chases the bees across the porch. He snaps at the bees. He snorts at the bees. He growls at the bees. He barks at the bees. The best is when they're buzzing around Freddy and he starts to snarl at them. Mommy just loves watching Freddy warn the bees by wrinkling his nose. I do hope the bumblebees know doggie language, or Freddy will bite one sooner or later.

Resting from bee hunt.
As a highlight, this afternoon Luna keeps going to the screen door and barking that something's outside. The three dogs go running outside with Mommy right behind them to find the intruder. Yeah, um, Luna's barking at the bees. This causes Freddy to chase and snap at bees. Thanks, Luna. Like the bees aren't bothering Freddy enough!

Freddy's Spring Break, Day 5

Fireplace Dogs

Freddy, the wiener dog, was back in form today. He enjoyed hiking again. Walking through the woods, he looked like he was smiling. He definitely hikes his own way.... He chooses a trail and walks it. When he wants to go down another path, he picks that one. And, when he's ready to go back to the cabin, he does. Mommy just follows along where Freddy wants to go. Freddy knows where he's going.

A little while ago Daddy went upstairs for a nap. Freddy was sitting in the kitchen softly whimpering. [Well, it's sort of a cross between a whimper and a cry.] Mommy said, "Freddy, Daddy's upstairs taking a nap." So, Freddy immediately left the kitchen, crossed the living room, climbed the stairs, then went up the doggie stairs, and burrowed under the covers so he could nap with Daddy. He's such a smart boy.

Coming back ahead of the guys.
It's amazing that Freddy trotted all the way up the stairs. They're steep and difficult for Mini-Dachshunds to climb. In fact, so far this week Luna is the only one to climb up and down. She's looooonger than Freddy and Malibu so she can make it. We have to carry Freddy and Malibu up and down. They can make it to the first landing, but then they're done and need help the rest of the way.

Malibu running along creek.
While Freddy napped with Daddy, Mommy took the girls for a hike. Mommy doesn't like to hike without Freddy. He's an excellent tracker. He knows the trails and how to get home. Luna and Malibu, not so much. Those two are wanderers and get easily distracted with sights and smells. So, Mommy and the girls walked down the driveway. We tried a new path, but always kept sight of the driveway. It wasn't a very exciting path - It eventuallly took us right back to the driveway. It's steep and Mommy was hoping for a gentler climb, but oh well. When we got back to the cabin, Freddy was waiting for us at the door. Apparently, he wanted to hike more than nap. Mommy and the girls will go again this evening with Freddy. It's the last day at the cabin and Mommy wants to take all the hikes possible.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Freddy's Spring Break, Day 4

Freddy, the wiener dog, had a quiet day. He’s tired, and he really didn’t want to hike thru the woods again. Freddy happily went on a morning hike with Mommy and the girls. Then, he took a nap. When he woke up, it was woobie time! After lunch Daddy tried to take Freddy on another hike, but Freddy took himself back to the cabin. He followed the trail and hiked himself back. Mark was trying to walk with him, but Freddy was far ahead. Mommy and the girls came across Freddy when they were going for another hike, and Freddy just passed by. When Freddy got home, he took a nap. When he woke up, it was woobie time! Freddy played with Mommy and the girls for a while before it was time for yet another nap. When he woke up, it was woobie time! This evening Freddy decided to stay around the cabin. Perhaps tomorrow he’ll hike again, but for today it’s all naps and woobies.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Freddy's Spring Break, Day 3

Freddy riding in his
sidebox on the ATV.
Freddy, the wiener dog, was very tired today, at least in the morning. Freddy slept 12 hours last night and wasn't ready for an adventurous morning. So, after breakfast, he napped for a couple of hours while his humans played Monopoly. After that, Daddy took the boys to the Philpott Dam while Mommy took Freddy and the girls on an "easy" hike.

Freddy has some important rules for hikers that he taught Mommy today:

1) There's no such thing as an "easy" hike. So, if your dog is reluctant to go, pay attention. When he's lagging way behind, it's a warning. Like, "Mom! Don't go on the hike without Daddy. He's a redneck and you're a city girl. Always take a redneck when hiking in the mountains."

2) Stay on the path. If you're not an Army Ranger or no one has climbed before you with a machete, then the woods get very thick. While your dog can climb like a mountain goat, crawl under spider webs, or tiptoe thru creeks, you can't.

3) If you want to follow the "dried up creek bed," make sure it's really dried up. Because it's a lot easier for your dog to trot thru water on wet paws than it is for you on wet shoes.

4) Your dog has a better sense of direction than you do. If you want to climb to the top of a ridge, but your dog wants to climb to the top of another, pay attention. Your dog knows the way home, you do not.

5) It's easy to get turned around and lost in the mountains because it all looks the same to you, but not to your dog. He has a super sensitive nose that helps him find the way home. So, when he wants to go in another direction, pay attention.

6) When your dog growls, stop moving.

7) When your dog viciously barks, even if you can't see anything, believe him. Freddy, um, your dog will notice that 4-foot long, thick, hissing black snack before you do. [Freddy was so brave. He kept the snake busy, and even let it strike at him, while Mommy passed to safety. Mommy really loves her Freddy.]

8) If you lose someone in the woods and tell your dog, "Timmy fell down the well!" pay attention. [Mommy lost track of Luna. She tried calling and calling for Luna, but couldn't see or hear anything. Freddy was standing next to Mommy so she said, "Freddy, find Luna.” And, he did! Good Freddy.]

9) Never, never, never ever be without a camera. So when Freddy, oops, your dog saves you from the big snake, or out of the creek, or back to the cabin, you can capture it on film, or digital disk, to share with others.....because Mommy isn't going back into the woods to find the snake to take a picture of it, even with Freddy at her side.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Freddy's Spring Break, Day 2

Freddy's hunting.
Freddy, the wiener dog, has spent another day hiking in the woods. There's just too many new sights and smells to sleep during the day, so he hikes. He does a very good job going up and down mountains for such a little dog. He walked a little slower today - not as much running as yesterday. But, he's still full of enthusiasm. He is quite ready to sleep at night.

Such a big woods for such a little dog.
[Freddy's at the bottom of the center tree.]
The woods are halfway into Spring, the buds are starting to show and the Dogwoods are blooming. There's a lot of fallen leaves. In some areas, the leaves are deeper than Freddy is tall. That can cause a lot of high-stepping for Freddy to plow through them. Determined little guy.

Malibu jumps through the woods like a gazelle. She likes to run fast [which is quite a sight when she's going downhill], jump over "logs," and climb rocks. Luna is a such more laid back kind of climber. She prefers to take the easy route, and always manages to find something stinky to roll in.

Man, that's so good stinky stuff!
Speaking of something stinky, Luna found something so stinky that even Freddy joined in!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Freddy's Spring Break, Day 1

Freddy, the wiener dog, is having a wonderful vacation in the mountains of Virginia. Today is the first non-traveling day, and Freddy is thrilled. He has spent his entire day outside, running around the cabin and grounds or going for hikes in the mountains. Running up the mountainside is fine, but coming down can be a little fast. Freddy has to use the emergency brakes for that.

Freddy hasn't taking any naps today. Usually by now, Freddy would have taken two.

Freddy even went for a ride on the ATV. He loved it.... Well, as long as it was smooth going. If the path got a little bumpy over logs and such, then Freddy would hunker down in his little side box. Otherwise, Freddy would stand up, put his front paws on the front of the box, and let the wind blow in his face. Freddy really seems to like having the wind blow his ears up and off his neck.

Freddy is a little unhappy with Mommy, though. She has taken some awesome photos of Freddy, but forgot the cord to link the camera to the computer. Oops. But, Daddy promised Freddy that he would find a way to load photos for everybody.

Freddy has to ride five miles to the old country store to get an internet connection, but he'll do it every day. He wants to make sure that everybody enjoys his vacation too!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Freddy slept in Charlotte, NC

Freddy, the wiener dog, is well into his vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains. He spent the night in Charlotte, North Carolina. Freddy has no fear of elevators and hopped right on. He was very glad to get to his hotel room and sleep on the comfy bed. It was better than sleeping in the truck. Freddy is less than an hour away from the cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mommy can't wait to see Freddy's reaction to the Big Woods.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Freddy goes on vacation.

Freddy, the wiener dog, is going on vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Freddy doesn't know it yet. He thinks that everybody is packing their suitcases and leaving him behind. He's frantic. Daddy needs to get home from work so Freddy can get on the road. Mommy hopes to blog from the road. This will be quite an adventure for Freddy! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Super Freddy rescues two more doggies.

Freddy, the wiener dog, had another doggie transport today. He picked up two doggies from the shelter, a Rat Terrier and a "Pit Bull." [The shelter likes to name lots and lots of dogs "Pit Bull" when they're not, like a Bulldog.] Anyway, the ride to the rescue lady wasn't too long, about an hour or so, from the shelter. The Rat Terrier went in the doggie crate. She was very scared and stayed at the back of the crate the entire time.

The silver Pittie was pretty, sweet, and quiet. She never made a sound. The shelter didn't give her a name so we called her "Sugar" because she was sooo sweet. She was interested in that little dog in Mommy's lap, who did not return the interest. Mark rode shotgun and the Pittie feel in love with Mark. She licked his arm almost the whole trip. And, she really wanted to climb into Mark's lap. She was adorable.

Freddy's favorite part of the trip is when we meet the rescue lady and she takes the dogs. Freddy likes the return trip! He spent the return trip sound asleep in Mark's lap. Cute.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Freddy goes solo.

Freddy, the wiener dog, goes through six school carlines a day. He has to share the front seat with Malibu and Luna. He's not always happy about this. Today, Mommy made a big decision. She decided to take only Freddy in the car, like it was before the girls showed up. This made Luna and Malibu unhappy, but Freddy was delighted.

Freddy is an excellent car rider. He doesn't try to sit in Mommy's lap (Malibu) or get under Mommy's feet (Luna). Mommy finds these behaviors to be very distracting. Not so with Freddy in the car. He calmly sits in his seat. When stopped at traffic lights or stop signs, Freddy stands up and allows the world outside the window to see him. (He's a handsome guy.) After all, he's Freddy, the wiener dog.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Freddy's in woobie heaven.

Polar Bear!!
Freddy, the wiener dog, is in woobie heaven. He is SO happy that we no longer have any big (foster) doggies. There's no big doggie to destroy or take woobies away from Freddy. Freddy has been a woobie manic this week. We play woobietime for hours and hours. Freddy just won't quit. Freddy even takes a woobie outside for front yard playtime. He only stops long enough to check out the neighbor's cat, even then he doesn't let go. It's all woobies, all the time!
"What's that cat doing?"

Friday, March 9, 2012

MY tennis ball!

Freddy, the wiener dog, loves to play with his tennis ball....everyday. He loves it so much that he comes over to Mommy when she's at her computer and does a very loud, sharp bark - repeatedly - that he wants to play! He wants Mommy to throw it, he chases it, Mommy chases Freddy, and he runs off with it....until Mommy sits down at her computer again, and then he comes back over and starts the process all over again.

When Luna first arrived, Freddy would let Luna have the tennis ball. Now, no more. If Luna reaches the tennis ball with Freddy, he does deep, quick, half-growl/half-bark to tell Luna to back off, it's his tennis ball! Oh, yeah. Freddy's back in the game!

Mommy tried to capture Freddy's obnoxious - um, um...cute, yeah, cute bark on video. But, whenever Freddy sees the camera he doesn't want to cooperate. Mommy did get a few seconds of Freddy.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Freddy protects his girls!

Freddy, the wiener dog, and his girls had a stressful ride to carline. They pass by the same school crossing guards every day, sometimes six times a day. Mommy smiles and waves as she passes them by. They're always shouting what cute doggies she has. Today was different.

Mommy had to stop the car at the red light. The windows were halfway rolled down, and both Malibu and Luna were standing up looking at everything go by. Freddy was lounging on the seat. While they waited, one of the crossing guards approached the car, and Luna and Malibu started barking. He said, "How many do you have? Two?" Mommy immediately put her hand up to motion "stop" and shout "Watch out! It's a trap!," but it was too late. Freddy sprang up and started viciously barking! He doesn't like when anybody approaches his girls. The man was startled and jumped a little, but he stood there. Mommy got Malibu and Luna to stop barking, but Freddy wouldn't. The man said, "Oh, that's enough now." Mommy shouted back "the male doesn't like you near the car." The man chuckled, but backed away. Freddy was mad.

They're just exhausted!
When Freddy and the girls got back home, they collapsed for a nap. Apparently, it was quite a stressful car ride. Mommy needs to get a "beware of wiener dog" sign for her car. Maybe that would keep people away.... because Freddy protects his girls!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

No, Freddy, not the fox!

Freddy, the wiener dog, was enjoying sunset in his backyard when a big fox appeared at the back gate. He and Malibu took off after it. [Mommy's quite serious when she says it was big]. Malibu was closer so she reached the gate first. Freddy was a half-step behind her. The fox just stood there looking down at Malibu. He looked at Freddy as he came running up. At the same time Mommy came out of the screen door of the pool patio after Freddy and Malibu. They can't get through the back gate, but Mommy wasn't sure what the fox would do next, or how it defends itself. She did know what Freddy would have done...attack! As Mommy came out the screen door and Freddy came running up to the gate, the fox ran off. [It moved beautifully.] Freddy, of course, takes total credit for running that big fox off. Freddy came inside to tell his Daddy that he ran the fox off. Freddy expected a treat too for doing such a great job. He got one, of course.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photo opportunity!

"No pictures, please."
Freddy, the wiener dog, hates having his picture taken. As soon as Mommy picks up the camera, Freddy turns his head away, or he'll even walk away. Freddy's Mommy has been after him all day to get a good picture. She decided to chase the girls around for a photo too.
"What are you doing?"
So tired from barking at the
neighbor's cat.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Freddy loves playtime in the front yard!

"Ah! Something stinky!!"
Freddy, the wiener dog, loves playtime in the front yard. He whines as often as possible at his Mommy to let her know he's ready to go out front again. The bushes in the front yard have plenty of lizards, and Freddy loves chasing lizards. There's also Daddy's special plants and flowers to stomp, sniff, or dig up. If he's lucky, a neighbor will be walking down the street so Freddy can bark at them to get off his sidewalk..across the street. Yes, Freddy loves the front yard.

Freddy had an especially good time in the front yard this morning. He found a stinky spot. Nothing like a good stinky spot to roll around on. This must have been an extra special stinky spot because Freddy looked joyous to twist and turn, kick his feet, and snort about this spot.

Crazy Bu!
Freddy owns all that he sees. He was happy that the neighbor pulled into her car into her driveway. Well, Freddy can see that driveway too so he has to bark at her for being in her own driveway. Oh Freddy!

Malibu also loves the front yard. She doesn't pay attention to the neighborhood. Malibu just wants to hunt lizards and frogs. Malibu is crazy about hunting lizards and frogs. She jumps like a gazelle from bush to bush, hoping to find one.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty."
Although Luna is recovering from spaying, Mommy let her out in the front yard too. Luna walks slowly and carefully. While Freddy and Malibu's tails are furiously wagging, Luna keeps hers lowered. Perhaps wagging hurts her stitches. Luna can't help herself, though. Of course, she looked for the neighbor's cat. She couldn't have chased it today, but Luna can't miss an opportunity to at least bark at it. No luck. It must have been in someone else's yard.

The best part of playing in the front yard is that Mommy lets them play there several times a day. They know once the boys come home from school they'll have an even longer time in the front yard!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Freddy is very worried about Luna.

Luna comes home in pain.
Freddy, the wiener dog, is very worried about Luna. She had her spaying today and came home in great pain. Freddy is constantly sniffing her. He lays down near her too, but not too close. He jumps and comes over if she cries or moans.

Mommy has never seen a dog in such pain. When Luna first came home, it looked like she was in shock. Her hind legs and hips would jerk in pain. Mommy wrapped Luna up in a warm, soft blanket and Luna finally went to sleep. After a couple of hours, Luna almost rolled onto her back. It's her favorite sleeping position.

Trying to get comfy.
Mommy had to go to a meeting and while she was gone Luna woke up and moved around a little. Daddy took Luna outside for a pee break. When they came back inside Luna refused to eat or drink. He tried twice to giver her the pain pill, but both times she spit it out. When Mommy came, she hand fed Luna a scrambled egg [which she loved]. While eating bits of egg, Mommy hid the pain pill and Luna swallowed it. [Thank goodness.] It wasn't long after that when Luna fell back asleep.

They sent Luna home with the Cone of Shame. Daddy doesn't mind using it or the crate, but Mommy does. Luna just cries and whines when she's wearing the Cone of Shame. I mean, come on. It can't be comfortable sleeping in that thing. So Mommy keeps the Cone of Shame off Luna when Mommy takes care of her.

"Mom! Take pictures of me!"
Freddy has been worried about Luna. Malibu has not. Malibu did give Luna a big sniff-over when Luna came home, but that's it. Malibu does not like Mommy's taking care of Luna. She especially dislikes Luna's sleeping next to Mommy. Malibu went to sleep in the crate in protest. The worst was when Mommy was trying to take photographs of Luna. Malibu kept getting in the picture, posing for the camera, refusing to move. Malibu wants all the attention. Freddy just wants Luna to feel better so everything will return to normal. Freddy likes to keep to his regular routine and schedule.

P.S. After sleeping for a while, Luna is up and moving around a little bit. Daddy took off the Cone of Shame so Luna could walk around the house easier. Luna looks a little more bright-eyed. She just wants to see her humans and receive lots of care and petting, and jumping. Luna loves, loves, loves to jump. Mommy keeps Luna with her so she can't jump. Poor little wiener dog.

The following morning --- Luna woke up this morning thirsty and ready to play, well almost. First, she wanted a lot of petting. She'd make these little noises like she was telling Mommy all about her day. She hasn't eaten yet, but she's playing with Malibu's vitamin bottle. I know, I know. Malibu had it in the crate last night. So this morning Luna went into the crate, poked her head back out, went back into the crate, and then came trotting by with the vitamin bottle. Luckily Malibu is still sleeping. Luna woke all bright-eyed and waggly tail! She can go up and down the doggie stairs. But, she definitely knows not to jump or move too quickly. Mommy is so happy to see how quickly Luna is bouncing back. Freddy came into the room. He only glanced at Luna, then he fussed at Mommy for his morning treat. Freddy didn't like yesterday's pain noises, but today he's okay.