Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where did you go, Mrs. Robinson?

Freddy, the wiener dog, enjoyed having Miss Grace here. She was a good snuggle buddy. Luna, however, LOVES Miss Grace. Luna is sad that Miss Grace is gone.....back home to Delaware.

Malibu is not upset.... Miss Grace stole her frog and didn't give it back. Malibu stayed mad at Miss Grace the rest of the visit.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are.......

Freddy, the wiener dog, and the girls were w-i-l-d today. After a week of torrential rain from Tropical Storm Debby, the sun was shining and the weather was great. The doggies were w-i-l-d with joy at the good weather. They ran and played, barked, and chased each other around.

In particular, Malibu was bonkers....but Freddy would bark and chase her around and around the house, literally. Malibu would run out the garage doors, around the house, across the backyard, back through the pool patio and doggie door and start it all over again. And again, and again, and again. Malibu was so happy with the weather that she didn't even stop to dig for frogs!

Luna doesn't like to waste energy, but Mommy did see her trotting around the pool a couple of times......

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rilind Reborn - amazing story of Pittie saved from death.

Freddy, the wiener dog, has been following the story of Rilind since the day after Christmas 2011. Rilind's name appropriately means "rebirth" or "reincarnation." He has earned this name as he has begun his long road to recovery. This poor boy was literally at death's doorstep before Pit Sisters Rescue stepped in to save him. Here's his story.....

Rilind was seen by shelter workers at the Clay County Animal Care & Control in Jacksonville, Fla., being tossed over their fence like garbage. Shelter volunteers voiced their extreme concern for his life and their pleas finally made it to Jennifer Watson, founder of Pit Sisters Rescue in Jacksonville, Florida. She had no idea that the condition she would find this pup in was so severe. The pictures hardly prepared her for what she saw in front of her. Rilind was severely emaciated, covered in urine, feces and fleas. Through tears and prayers Jen and helpers rushed him to the vet for urgent care.

Every single bone of his skeleton was visible. He weighed in at approximately 22 lbs...about half of what he should weigh. It was all he could manage to lift his head and give Jen one single, solitary kiss showing his appreciation. Rilind's temperature was so low it would not register, his gums were completely white and his red blood cell count frighteningly low. Dr. Morley advised that Rilind immediately undergo a blood transfusion if he was to survive the night. Jen knew the perfect donor; one of Pit Sisters' own rescue pups, Alta, who coincidentally was being boarded at the same vet awaiting her new home. Alta was eager to do her part to help Rilind. The blood transfusion was successful.

Eventually, Rilind was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), a form of pancreatic malfunction. Pit Sisters took him in and began his treatments, which include weekly vet visits, Vitamin B-12 shots, powdered enzymes, metro and antibiotics. This treatment was continue for the rest of his life. His diet is carefully monitored with very select treats. Rilind currently weighs 87.2 pounds!! He was even named Pit of the Year by Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer,

Rilind has thrived under the care of the Pit Sisters. Being a newly formed and much needed rescue organization, the mounting vet bills to ensure Rilind's healing, has been especially crippling for Pet Sisters and donations of any size are desperately needed to continue Rilind's care. If you are able, please donate to his fund directly at Lakewood San Jose Animal Hospital (5315 Saint Augustine Road., Jacksonville, FL 32207; (904) 737-2011 or via PayPal from the link on their website at Join Freddy, the wiener dog, and follow Rilind's journey to recovery on Facebook at

"We promise to provide love, homes and voices for those who cannot speak. Our focus is on the bully breeds who are judged solely on their appearance. We strive to remove the stereotypes that have been placed upon these wonderful creatures."

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Big Squish

Freddy, the wiener dog, went to car-line to pick up Mark from summer school. As Mommy pulled up to the school sidewalk, Freddy started the bricks, the grass, maybe some ants. Not a single person was on the sidewalk - that's because summer school wasn't finished for another 15 minutes.

Freddy continued to bark and bark and bark and bark. He wanted to make sure that all the people who weren't there knew that he was there! Freddy stopped barking a couple of times when Mommy started using her cell phone camera. Freddy hates cameras. But, even the dreaded cell phone camera couldn't entirely stop Freddy's barking.

The only method that worked to curtail Freddy's barking was The Big Squish. Perhaps, Luna was tired of Freddy's barking too. Luna jumped into the front seat and started squishing Freddy. This really made Freddy mad, but he couldn't stop Big Luna. It worked. He finally stopped barking.... until the students started coming out of the building, then the barking started again.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Luna LOVES Miss Grace!

Freddy, the wiener dog, and the girls LOVE Miss Grace. Especially, Luna. In fact, Luna LOVES Miss Grace sooooo much that we can't say "Grace" in front of Luna. Luna jumps up, barking, and excitedly runs to the door because she thinks Miss Grace has arrived. Freddy runs with Luna too.

The picture is Luna's waiting at the door for Miss Grace. Eric mentioned Miss Grace's name in conversation and Luna went bonkers. Notice the waggly tail.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Freddy takes Miss Grace to his favorite beach.

Freddy, the wiener dog, took Miss Grace to his favorite beach -- the doggie beach at New Smyrna Beach, Florida...across the inlet from the lighthouse. As mentioned in previous posts, Freddy enjoys the beach, just not the water. Never. Ever. Well, not today!! Freddy followed Miss Grace around like a puppy. Whenever Miss Grace went into the water, so did Freddy.

Freddy and his group had the beach to themselves most of the time. Of course, other doggies would show up...but not for long. Freddy was obnoxious in defending HIS beach - you know, all he can see - and the owners wouldn't stay very long because of Freddy's barking. Funny.

After the beach, Freddy and his group went to Gator's Dockside Grille. Yes, this is the patio restaurant on the St. Johns River that has alligators swimming by. Mommy is usually terrified to have Freddy and the girls at that restaurant [see previous posts], but not today. Mommy picked a table away from the water's edge so she didn't have to worry about the doggies.....or the alligators.

Freddy loved it. Just like the beach, Freddy was King of the Hill. Miss Grace wanted to try gator, so we ordered some. Freddy tried it too. Freddy loves, loves gator tail. Leave it to Freddy to be at the top of the food chain!!

P.S. Luna curled up in Miss Grace's lap going to and from the beach. After all, Miss Grace is Luna's new best friend.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yesterday, Steven was bullied at school. Josh stood up for Steven. Freddy has always known that Josh has a big heart....... See blog post from 9/9/11.

You Know You’re In A Dachshund House When….

You Know You’re In A Dachshund House When….
1. The bed has sausage shaped lumps under the covers.
2. The doggie door is only 8″ high.
3.When you come into the house after being away only 10 minutes and you are greeted like you’ve been gone for 10 years.
4.When the owner’s introduce their Dachshund as their oldest son/daughter.
5. Footstools are placed strategically around the furniture and bed.
6. The house is decorated with Dachshund items.
7. The owner is decorated with Dachshund items.
8. After the doorbell rings, you can’t hear a thing for 10 minutes.
9. All squeak toys no long have squeaking ability.
10. The cat litter box magically cleans itself.
11. All snow is shoveled from the yard to protect the “Ta-Ta’s” of male Dachshunds.
12. All waste baskets and trash cans are elevated at least 3 ft. from the ground.
13. The owner talks a lot about getting a super king-sized bed.
14. The Dachshund gets kisses before the owner’s significant other.
15. The owner runs around looking for a “sitter” if they’re going to be gone for more than a few hours.
16. All the owner’s computer “favorites” are Dachshund related.
17. Blankets are for burrowing, not covering up.
————-Unknown author

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miss Gracie comes to visit Freddy.

Miss Grace came to visit Freddy, the wiener dog, and his human family. Miss Grace is the 20-year-old {blonde} niece of Freddy's Mommy. Freddy and Malibu went to the airport to help pick up Miss Grace and bring her home. Freddy and Malibu decided the best way to get to the airport was napping.

Grace lives in Delaware. She was surprised at how WARM the Florida weather was. Ha ha!! A slight mishap made her wait for her suitcase, so she borrowed a pair of shorts and sat at the pool with the boys. Like bees to honey.....

Freddy, of course, let everybody know that Grace was there, and he let Grace know that she was not a regular part of his pack. Bark, bark, bark! [Malibu just wanted to hunt frogs.] Luna, however, has never met a stranger. So, Luna decided to make friends with Grace. In fact, Luna decided that Grace is her new best friend!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh, Luna's unhappy with Mommy!

Luna was unhappy with Mommy this morning in car-line. Malibu was on the pillow - between the driver and passenger's seats - first. Luna came over and tried to shove Malibu off the pillow. Mommy would not let Luna do that, so Mommy pushed Luna back into the passenger's seat. Luna had quite a look for Mommy!

Now, if Freddy, the wiener dog, had been in the car, he would have stretched out the pillow between the two car seats. [Freddy stayed home with Daddy while the girls went to car-line.] But, since The King of the Hill was not there, the girls had a little fuss over it.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Finally, some pictures of Malibu!!

It is very difficult to take pictures of Malibu. She's usually digging, hunting frogs, or running like an insane doggie. Most pictures of Malibu are blurry because she's always moving - or Mommy moves the camera - which causes blurry pictures. At least for Mommy.

Mommy finally got lucky on the third day of rain. Malibu went outside to look for frogs, as usual, but she soon came back inside. She did not want to bother with the rain for yet another day. That was good for Mommy....she finally got (mostly) clear pictures of Malibu!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Freddy is happy after his nap.

Freddy, the wiener dog, loves naps. Today was a great day for Freddy because it was one long nap after nap. We had lots of rain and Freddy was not in the mood for playtime. So, Mommy played on the computer while the little doggies napped beside her.

After Freddy's long and relaxing nap, he was ready to play...even for just a little bit.

Luna and the sippy lid.

Mommy was cleaning out the kitchen cupboards. She found a plastic container with sippy cup lids in it. Mommy can't imagine how many years those sippy lids have been there.

Mommy put a couple of the sippy lids on the floor. Luna likes to sneak away with plastic items - she doesn't want you to give her a plastic bottle. So, Luna creeps over and takes a sippy lid and runs off with it. Luna loves her sippy lid. She's had her sippy lid for a couple of days and she doesn't want to leave it. Silly Luna.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

That's a crazy Bu!

Freddy, the wiener dog, loves the chase....the Malibu Chase that is. Mommy chases Malibu around the house, patio, or yard while Freddy runs behind Malibu. Freddy barks and nips at Malibu, but he doesn't really try to catch her. It's just part of the Malibu Chase.

It's raining outside. Usually, Malibu doesn't care about the rain and runs around the yard hunting for frogs. Instead, she started this super high speed insane run around the house. Mommy chased her and Freddy joined in, but Freddy soon gave up. Not that he was too tired, but he went and grabbed his polar bear woobie. He wanted Mommy to play with him instead!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fire! Run for it!!!!

Freddy, the wiener dog, and his girls smelled the electrical fire before his humans. Unfortunately, Freddy and the girls ran outside but didn't warn the humans. Thankfully, no harm, no foul.

Freddy and the girls love clean, WARM laundry. Well, they can forget about that for a while because the dryer blew. In its attempt to gasp its last breath, it caused a power drain which then caused a power surge back into the house. That caused a surge to the big TV....which started the electrical fire. [Mommy should have known something was amiss when Luna ran outside..... Luna doesn't expend energy for anything! Okay, except fire. Good to know.]

Luckily, Steven has a nose nearly as good as a....well, a dog...and he told Mommy that something smelled funny. Mommy casually strolled into the living room to smell electrical wire(s) burning. Also, thankfully, Daddy was home. Mommy ran around and unplugged everything while Daddy ran for the main power breaker/source into the house. He turned that off.

Daddy checked all the electrical breakers, outlets and other gizmos. He slowly turned the power back on to each room and then the large appliances until he discovered the source. The dryer. So, Freddy is not going to get clean, WARM laundry today. [Thank goodness for surge protectors. They burned out, but saved the electrical equipment!] Oh, the surge blew the washing machine too. Of course.....

Mommy knew when everything was okay and it was safe to return to the house.... That's when the doggies came back inside - to take a nap - in the last of the clean, WARM laundry. Thanks, weenies.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Luna is obsessed with plastic.

Freddy, the wiener dog, does not chew on anything plastic. Luna does. On everything. The doggies stairs for Mommy and Daddy's big bed are plastic. Luna chews on those. Of course, the vitamin bottle is plastic. Luna chews on that too. The car seat buckles are plastic. Luna tries to chew on those, but Mommy freaks.

Mommy makes her own laundry detergent, etc. and needs plastic containers with lids. Mommy had a big plastic protein powder jug with a black lid. It was in the garage. Mommy thought it was soooooo cute when Luna picked it up and ran off with it. The jug looked bigger than Luna. It wasn't so cute when Mommy found Luna had chewed off the lid and the top of the jug. Now, Mommy can't use it for homemade laundry detergent.

What's up with Luna and plastic? Does it contains some property, like an enzyme, that she's missing. Or, perhaps she just weird. Luna is obsessed with plastic.