Friday, April 26, 2013

Tiinkerbell finds her forever home!

Have you read Freddy's blog posts about Tiinkerbell? Great news -- she finally found her forever home! The Pit Sisters did a short video of Tiinkerbell's story. Freddy hopes you watch it, and remember to foster or adopt a dog.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Farewell to Old Man Spotty

Freddy wishes his cousin Old Man Spotty a safe and happy journey across the Rainbow Bridge. See you on the other side one day, my friend.

To Spotty's family, we are so sorry to hear about Spotty's passing. Although small in size, Spotty was so large in spirit and he will be sorely missed. Thank you for giving a rescue doggie a forever home for such a long time. With sympathy, Freddy's Family.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sweet Pit Bull "Baby Girl" shot by NYPD

Freddy the wiener dog likes his Pit Bull cousins. They have been sweet, playful and even subservient to Freddy. In fact, the adorable Pit Bull who lives next door (Junior) is afraid of Freddy and runs away. Pit Bulls continue to get a bad rep in the press, but breed discrimination needs to stop! Here's the sad tale of a sweet, two-year-old Pit Bull struggling for her life because police shot her while she was running away.....

Owner Patricia Ratz and her sister Kathleen Dixon brought their three pit bulls to Schmul Park in Travis around 1 p.m. on Saturday. Two of the dogs—not Baby Girl— started fighting, and Ratz stuck her hand in between the two dogs to try to break it up; one of them bit it, prompting a police response. Ratz told SILive that officer Julie Moschella and an officer in civilian clothing arrived moments after the fight and opened fire on Baby Girl, who was running away from them.

"We had them separated, we had everything calm," Ratz said of the dogs, adding that she made a mistake putting her hand between the animals. "A cop comes from the street with her gun pointed straight at the dogs, and she just started shooting. She could've shot me, or my sister, or the kids [in the park]."

In the ensuing confusion, a very scared Baby Girl made a run for the woods. And that’s when the police officer shot her. In a public park. With families and children in the area. While she was terrified and running away. The horrific wounds on her body tell that tale very clearly.

You can follow Baby Girl's story at (scroll to the bottom of the page for the most updated information) or (SNARR - Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation)

Here is also a video by NBC News:

The only information I could find to contact the NYPD is:
Paul J. Browne
Deputy Commissioner, Public Information
One Police Plaza - Room 1320
New York, N.Y. 10038
Attn: DCPI   

Fax: (646) 610-8795 / 5856
Voice: (646) 610-6700

Friday, April 5, 2013

Freddy's back hurts

Freddy on his blankie in the kitchen
so he can stay with Mommy.
Update 4/15/13: Freddy is feeling much better. His soreness in his back is going away. He will stay on his medicines for another two weeks to help his healing process. He is not allowed to use his doggie steps to get into bed, so Daddy will build a ramp if we cannot find one to buy. The best news of all is that Freddy has started playing with his woobies again! 

Poor Freddy the wiener dog. His back hurts and we're not sure why. A week ago Freddy woke up in shivers. He wanted to hide in corners and did not want to be picked up. On Saturday he was worse. He kept walking around in circles, seemed disoriented, and could not get comfortable. It was a little better on Sunday, but he was still full of shivers.

Malibu stays close to Freddy
since he doesn't feel well.
On Monday we took Freddy to the vet. The vet said his symptoms sounded like Freddy hurt his back. However, the vet could not find an injury along Freddy's spine and only one spot was tender. So, the first guess is spinal infection. Freddy has been taking an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant and antibiotics. The first 24 hours were the keep-an-eye-on-Freddy-this-could-get-scary time. Freddy reacted very well to his medicines and seemed to be so, so much better, just like his old self. But, now his back is bothering him again. He seems in pain and can't go up and down his doggie steps. We have been very careful with supporting his entire back if he is picked up. Most of all, Mommy has not allowed any dirt-digging and Freddy is very unhappy about that. But, Mommy can't keep Freddy completely still unless he is in a crate and Mommy does not want to do that yet.

Freddy has another appointment this week. If Freddy is not completely well, then it will be bloodwork and x-rays. Mommy wants them to find something (to treat), but Mommy also does not want them to find something. Mommy wants her Freddy Baby all better.