Friday, May 31, 2013

Malibu wants a cookie!

Nana brought oatmeal cookies. The doggies love Nana's oatmeal cookies. Malibu thought she did not get enough oatmeal cookies, so she worried about everybody else's oatmeal cookies. Finally, Miss Julie gave Malibu a boost so she could see who at the table actually had a cookie. As you can tell from this picture, Malibu discovered that Nana still had a cookie!

Malibu was very, very serious about watching Nana's cookie to make sure that she received another treat from Nana. Nothing could distract Malibu from her cookie guard duty.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Tiinkerbell finds her forever home!

Have you read Freddy's blog posts about Tiinkerbell? Great news -- she finally found her forever home! The Pit Sisters did a short video of Tiinkerbell's story. Freddy hopes you watch it, and remember to foster or adopt a dog.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Farewell to Old Man Spotty

Freddy wishes his cousin Old Man Spotty a safe and happy journey across the Rainbow Bridge. See you on the other side one day, my friend.

To Spotty's family, we are so sorry to hear about Spotty's passing. Although small in size, Spotty was so large in spirit and he will be sorely missed. Thank you for giving a rescue doggie a forever home for such a long time. With sympathy, Freddy's Family.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sweet Pit Bull "Baby Girl" shot by NYPD

Freddy the wiener dog likes his Pit Bull cousins. They have been sweet, playful and even subservient to Freddy. In fact, the adorable Pit Bull who lives next door (Junior) is afraid of Freddy and runs away. Pit Bulls continue to get a bad rep in the press, but breed discrimination needs to stop! Here's the sad tale of a sweet, two-year-old Pit Bull struggling for her life because police shot her while she was running away.....

Owner Patricia Ratz and her sister Kathleen Dixon brought their three pit bulls to Schmul Park in Travis around 1 p.m. on Saturday. Two of the dogs—not Baby Girl— started fighting, and Ratz stuck her hand in between the two dogs to try to break it up; one of them bit it, prompting a police response. Ratz told SILive that officer Julie Moschella and an officer in civilian clothing arrived moments after the fight and opened fire on Baby Girl, who was running away from them.

"We had them separated, we had everything calm," Ratz said of the dogs, adding that she made a mistake putting her hand between the animals. "A cop comes from the street with her gun pointed straight at the dogs, and she just started shooting. She could've shot me, or my sister, or the kids [in the park]."

In the ensuing confusion, a very scared Baby Girl made a run for the woods. And that’s when the police officer shot her. In a public park. With families and children in the area. While she was terrified and running away. The horrific wounds on her body tell that tale very clearly.

You can follow Baby Girl's story at (scroll to the bottom of the page for the most updated information) or (SNARR - Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation)

Here is also a video by NBC News:

The only information I could find to contact the NYPD is:
Paul J. Browne
Deputy Commissioner, Public Information
One Police Plaza - Room 1320
New York, N.Y. 10038
Attn: DCPI   

Fax: (646) 610-8795 / 5856
Voice: (646) 610-6700

Friday, April 5, 2013

Freddy's back hurts

Freddy on his blankie in the kitchen
so he can stay with Mommy.
Update 4/15/13: Freddy is feeling much better. His soreness in his back is going away. He will stay on his medicines for another two weeks to help his healing process. He is not allowed to use his doggie steps to get into bed, so Daddy will build a ramp if we cannot find one to buy. The best news of all is that Freddy has started playing with his woobies again! 

Poor Freddy the wiener dog. His back hurts and we're not sure why. A week ago Freddy woke up in shivers. He wanted to hide in corners and did not want to be picked up. On Saturday he was worse. He kept walking around in circles, seemed disoriented, and could not get comfortable. It was a little better on Sunday, but he was still full of shivers.

Malibu stays close to Freddy
since he doesn't feel well.
On Monday we took Freddy to the vet. The vet said his symptoms sounded like Freddy hurt his back. However, the vet could not find an injury along Freddy's spine and only one spot was tender. So, the first guess is spinal infection. Freddy has been taking an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant and antibiotics. The first 24 hours were the keep-an-eye-on-Freddy-this-could-get-scary time. Freddy reacted very well to his medicines and seemed to be so, so much better, just like his old self. But, now his back is bothering him again. He seems in pain and can't go up and down his doggie steps. We have been very careful with supporting his entire back if he is picked up. Most of all, Mommy has not allowed any dirt-digging and Freddy is very unhappy about that. But, Mommy can't keep Freddy completely still unless he is in a crate and Mommy does not want to do that yet.

Freddy has another appointment this week. If Freddy is not completely well, then it will be bloodwork and x-rays. Mommy wants them to find something (to treat), but Mommy also does not want them to find something. Mommy wants her Freddy Baby all better.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not even the trees are safe.

Freddy the wiener dog has destroyed the front yard (almost) with holes and trenches. Thankfully, the grass still thinks it is winter so it seems dead anyway. Freddy is looking for new places to dig. He finally decided that it should be around the tress. As much as Freddy likes digging up grass roots, he had difficulty pulling up tree roots. Not that he little guy didn't try.....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Freddy and the girls' yearly checkup.

Freddy and the girls went to the vet's office for their yearly checkup. As usual, all three were not happy to be there. Of course, no one is as frightened as Malibu...poor baby. 

The first thing we did was weigh the doggies. Freddy is still at a healthy 12 lbs., thin yet solid. Malibu moved up the scale a little and weighed in at 10 lbs. Mommy definitely has to start walking them three times a day again. Not necessary for Malibu, but for Luna. She weighed in at a whopping 17.5 lbs.! She does not seem to eat that much, yet she is still packing on pounds. Mommy laid down the law and said no more human food...okay, okay, unless it's a protein. Otherwise, no carbs! Of course, she is a German girl. She is probably just big-boned.

Secondly, we took the doggies into the examination room. They're unhappy enough to stand on the cold, stainless steel table. But, then they each get a turn getting blood drawn and a stool sample. The vet arrives. He is a very nice man. He is good with the doggies and he listens to their parents' concerns. Freddy is in good shape, but it is time for his teeth cleaning. Mommy refused to allow Freddy to undergo anesthesia last year, but reluctantly agrees this year. Malibu is also in good health except for a couple of rear molars. He said Malibu's teeth cleaning will be more difficult than Freddy's, so we agreed for Freddy to go first. We're still trying to figure out her hair loss. He thinks we need to take her to an endocrinology vet in Gainesville, Fla. We'll see. We do not want to put Malibu under a lot of stress. It's just hair..... Luna is also healthy. The vet was extremely pleased with the condition of her teeth. He was very surprised that they had stayed so white since the cleaning. It wasn't until we were home later that we realized she keeps her teeth clean by chewing on all those plastic lids!

Freddy and Malibu needed their annual distemper shots. Luna was not due for any shots. But, she's felt the worst. She's been moody and exhausted since the appointment. Mommy is worried for her Luna. Maybe it was too stressful, although she didn't seem that upset at the time. Of course, there has been lots of napping since then.

P.S. I nearly forgot!! After the vet's examination of Malibu, he said, "What a weird little dog." I always said Dachshunds are aliens.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Malibu's first snake

The puppies had a long playtime in the front yard - two hours! I guess the lizards think it is still winter because we don't have very many out and about yet, so the doggies don't have anything to chase. Freddy and Malibu still love to check all the bushes looking for lizards and, for Malibu, frogs too. 

Well, Daddy has cleared the underbrush from a large plant and the puppies were finally able to search underneath it. Freddy and Malibu spent quite a bit of time searching underneath the plant. Then, Malibu came running out with a snake - a little, black harmless garden snake. She was so happy to have a "giant lizard." Freddy was interested too, but Malibu was definitely not going to share.

Malibu played with the snake like she does the frogs. She runs around with it in her mouth. She smacks it around with a paw. It was funny to watch this little doggie run around with this snake hanging down. The snake must have thought it was winter too because it never hissed or tried to strike. Malibu played with it until she got bored and then left it. She went back a few minutes later and it was already gone.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Luna's cigar

Daddy brought home three bone toys for the doggies. We have no idea where the Freddy and Bu put their toys. Luna, however, keeps her bone very close to her. Always. She carries it around like a cigar.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Freddy and the 100-Acre Wood

Freddy just took off down the street and into the woods after the neighbor's cat. I ran right behind him and saw where he entered into the woods. I couldn't find him and he wouldn't come back out. I'm checking all over the woods, front and back of house. I call Jeff to tell him to come home and help me find Freddy....only to open the front door and see Freddy trotting back down the sidewalk as happy as can be with himself. Oh, he's The Man. "Me and my big bad self." I don't know whether to hug or punish him.

Coffee Break

It's a lovely, cool spring morning. I take the doggies outside for a little fun in the sun. I walk them outside and then go back inside and start the coffeemaker. I walk right back outside and discover that Freddy has already dug seven holes and he's working on his 8th.

People complain about rabbits, moles and other varmints that dig up their gardens and yard. That's nothing compared to a Dachshund with a 30-second head start.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy 77th Birthday, Freddy!!!

Happy 77th Birthday, Freddy!!! Of course, it's actually his 11th birthday. But, you know, multiple by 7.....

Mommy wanted to a picture of Freddy with his cupcake. But, Mommy couldn't get Freddy to look at the camera and set the cupcake next to him without Freddy eating it. Freddy finally gave Mommy just a couple of seconds to get a picture.

Freddy and the girls got to eat a cupcake. They all licked the frosting first. Luna nearly ate her entire cupcake in one bite. Freddy was a little slower. But, Bu needed her cupcake broken up into little bits. 

We had quite a lot of people here because it was also his human brother Eric's 14th birthday. Freddy decided to sit in Nana's lap so he could keep a lookout.

So, happy birthday, Old Man. And, here's to another 77.... um, 11.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lazy January

Freddy the wiener dog had a very lazy January. Freddy's Mommy was sick with pneumonia so Freddy had a lot of sleeping time. Good thing he's a hound dog and that's not a problem. Freddy even missed most of the car-lines because because Mommy was too sick to drive. Now that Freddy's Mommy is feeling better, Freddy is full of energy....hum... Well, generally he's being a naughty Toddler. He wants to bark at everything - yes, more so than usual. And, he wants all of Mommy's attention to himself.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Malibu visits The Land of the Giant Dogs

Meet Gigantor a/k/a Apollo
My goodness! Time does fly around the holidays. I can't believe it's been a month without a Freddy, the wiener dog update. Freddy and the girls enjoyed a lovely Christmas holiday. Then, Mommy and the human boys went to visit Mommy's younger sister in Delaware. Mommy only took Malibu with them.

Gigantor a/k/a Apollo
Freddy and Luna were c-r-u-s-h-e-d that they were left behind. They had Daddy here all week, but they were unhappy. Freddy gets even by peeing on all the wall corners and furniture legs. Then, Luna has to pee everywhere because she's nervous and upset that she was left behind. Mommy really hated leaving Freddy and Luna behind, but she had to. Freddy is so territorial over all that he can see that Mommy didn't want Freddy into the fray of The Land of the Giant Dogs. Malibu created enough chaos all on her own. 

Where's Malibu?
Miss Ruthie has four dogs - Sunny, an ancient Golden Labrador; Bandit - an old Black Labrador (hunting dog), Frankie, a young Black Labrador/Boxer mix; and Apollo, an 180-lb. deaf Great Dane puppy. After a couple days, Malibu decided the pack order should be Sunny, Bandit, Malibu, Frankie, and Apollo. Because of her self-prescribed pack order, Malibu would take Frankie's toys away from him. When Apollo got too close to Mommy, Malibu would run out from behind Mommy's legs, run a circle around Apollo snapping at his feet, and then run back behind Mommy. Apollo never did figure out what that crazy little doggie was doing. Of course, every played nicely when it was snacktime!

His paws are bigger than her head.
Malibu didn't sleep soundly while we in The Land of the Giant Dogs. But, she zonked out on the car ride back to Central Florida. Of course, now she's sleeping like an angel. In fact, most mornings she stays in bed instead of getting up when Mommy's up. Malibu need the extra recuperation.