Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Malibu continues to rebel against Daddy.

Still mad at Daddy.
Freddy, the wiener dog, has spent his day barking - at everything. He even barked at a woodpecker. Freddy will find a way to entertain himself one way or another.

Malibu, however, continues to rebel against Daddy. She doesn't like the fence around the plants. She has discovered that she can spring herself over the fencing and onto the plant. Then, she wiggles along the side of the plant, head first, and snakes her way back out. Malibu is still bringing toads into the plant for playtime. She'll even shove them underneath the fencing - any way to play "find the toad." When Daddy gets home, he tells Malibu to stay out of the plant. She gives him lots of dirty looks and plays somewhere else. She'll be back when he's not looking. Right now, she's sitting under Mommy's chair....sulking.

Luna doesn't like the fencing either. She likes to pull healthy stalks off the plants. Then, she brings them onto the pool patio and shreds them. She's helping Malibu dig underneath the fencing so they both can get to the plant.

Freddy, meanwhile, continues to bark - at everything.


  1. I read your posts and just giggle. I myself will be getting my own "wiener dog" tomorrow. I am going to pick out at rescue at a local meet and greet. Hopefully a senior! Your blog is both entertaining and educational. Thank you!

  2. Welcome to the Wiener Family!! We can't wait to hear about your new friend. Note: Freddy is also on Facebook as Freddy, the wiener dog. Good luck!!