Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Luna is begging for forgiveness.

Luna, the wiener dog, was caught peeing on the new dining room tile. Mommy caught her in the act! Mommy just had the doggies outside for a pee break, for quite a while. Yet, Luna waited until she came back inside. And, this wasn't a little "oops" pee. This was an oh-yeah-release-my-full-bladder pee.

This is why Mommy wants tile through out the house. Between dirty boys, pool water, and peeing dogs, Mommy needs a surface that will stand up to all that.

Luna got a scolding even as she hid behind Mommy's bedroom door. Since then, Luna has been sitting underneath Mommy's office chair...begging for forgiveness. Mommy has petted Luna, given her treats, and cooed at Luna, but Luna still looks dismayed that Mommy was upset with her.

But, Lu Lu....Mommy's not upset anymore.


  1. Oh Luna, we feel for you sweetie! Come on out from under there now and let Mommy give you some loving.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Poor Luna! I mean, "bad girl" for peeing on the tile... but you've groveled enough little one. Come out an get some love!

  3. Good job for marking your territories like that! Clearly you is only trying to deter invaders. Well done!