Friday, February 28, 2014

Freddy guarding the neighborhood.

Freddy and the girls had rare front yard privileges today, at least for a little while. The picture is Freddy guarding the neighborhood. It was taken when our neighbors came home. Freddy did not give them permission to pull their truck into their driveway, so he was deciding whether to go over there and give them "what for."

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy 12th Birthday, Freddy!

Happy 12th Birthday, Freddy!! He is officially an old man at 84 human years. He has a lot of gray on his muzzle, face, and paws. In fact, the gray on his paws looks like he is wearing booties.

Freddy has been acting like a grumpy old man too. His eyes are getting cloudy, so maybe his mood swings are partly due to that. He has less tolerance for Luna (she's bigger than he is and he doesn't like it), but still loves his little Malibu. They are so cute together. Luna, of course, knows this and antagonizes Freddy whenever possible. Toddler Divas!

So, Happy 12th Birthday, Freddy. I hope we have another 12 years together.