Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Freddy and the 100-Acre Wood

Freddy just took off down the street and into the woods after the neighbor's cat. I ran right behind him and saw where he entered into the woods. I couldn't find him and he wouldn't come back out. I'm checking all over the woods, front and back of house. I call Jeff to tell him to come home and help me find Freddy....only to open the front door and see Freddy trotting back down the sidewalk as happy as can be with himself. Oh, he's The Man. "Me and my big bad self." I don't know whether to hug or punish him.

Coffee Break

It's a lovely, cool spring morning. I take the doggies outside for a little fun in the sun. I walk them outside and then go back inside and start the coffeemaker. I walk right back outside and discover that Freddy has already dug seven holes and he's working on his 8th.

People complain about rabbits, moles and other varmints that dig up their gardens and yard. That's nothing compared to a Dachshund with a 30-second head start.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy 77th Birthday, Freddy!!!

Happy 77th Birthday, Freddy!!! Of course, it's actually his 11th birthday. But, you know, multiple by 7.....

Mommy wanted to a picture of Freddy with his cupcake. But, Mommy couldn't get Freddy to look at the camera and set the cupcake next to him without Freddy eating it. Freddy finally gave Mommy just a couple of seconds to get a picture.

Freddy and the girls got to eat a cupcake. They all licked the frosting first. Luna nearly ate her entire cupcake in one bite. Freddy was a little slower. But, Bu needed her cupcake broken up into little bits. 

We had quite a lot of people here because it was also his human brother Eric's 14th birthday. Freddy decided to sit in Nana's lap so he could keep a lookout.

So, happy birthday, Old Man. And, here's to another 77.... um, 11.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lazy January

Freddy the wiener dog had a very lazy January. Freddy's Mommy was sick with pneumonia so Freddy had a lot of sleeping time. Good thing he's a hound dog and that's not a problem. Freddy even missed most of the car-lines because because Mommy was too sick to drive. Now that Freddy's Mommy is feeling better, Freddy is full of energy....hum... Well, generally he's being a naughty Toddler. He wants to bark at everything - yes, more so than usual. And, he wants all of Mommy's attention to himself.