Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miss Gracie comes to visit Freddy.

Miss Grace came to visit Freddy, the wiener dog, and his human family. Miss Grace is the 20-year-old {blonde} niece of Freddy's Mommy. Freddy and Malibu went to the airport to help pick up Miss Grace and bring her home. Freddy and Malibu decided the best way to get to the airport was napping.

Grace lives in Delaware. She was surprised at how WARM the Florida weather was. Ha ha!! A slight mishap made her wait for her suitcase, so she borrowed a pair of shorts and sat at the pool with the boys. Like bees to honey.....

Freddy, of course, let everybody know that Grace was there, and he let Grace know that she was not a regular part of his pack. Bark, bark, bark! [Malibu just wanted to hunt frogs.] Luna, however, has never met a stranger. So, Luna decided to make friends with Grace. In fact, Luna decided that Grace is her new best friend!


  1. Always fun to have visitor's at the house. Especially sounds like fun bcuz it's miss Grace who is family and not really a visitor. We think it's awesome that Luna is taking to her so kindly.

    Lily Belle

  2. Wow, my Mama is from Delaware! It is a very small state, and she no often runs into peoples who also is from there.

    Also, you has gotted the Sunshine Award from me, Reuben. Your (invisible) commemorative plaque is available for viewings on my blog. If already you has gotted it, you can still has the invisible plaque.