Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy 77th Birthday, Freddy!!!

Happy 77th Birthday, Freddy!!! Of course, it's actually his 11th birthday. But, you know, multiple by 7.....

Mommy wanted to a picture of Freddy with his cupcake. But, Mommy couldn't get Freddy to look at the camera and set the cupcake next to him without Freddy eating it. Freddy finally gave Mommy just a couple of seconds to get a picture.

Freddy and the girls got to eat a cupcake. They all licked the frosting first. Luna nearly ate her entire cupcake in one bite. Freddy was a little slower. But, Bu needed her cupcake broken up into little bits. 

We had quite a lot of people here because it was also his human brother Eric's 14th birthday. Freddy decided to sit in Nana's lap so he could keep a lookout.

So, happy birthday, Old Man. And, here's to another 77.... um, 11.

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  1. Happy, Yappy Barkday Freddy! We wish for you many more, healthy and happy years.

    That header picture of you and your cupcake is PRICELESS! Tell Mama to get a frame for it.

    And a BIG Happy Birthday to hoo-brother Eric. Oh to be young again.....

    Lily Belle & Muffin