Friday, April 5, 2013

Freddy's back hurts

Freddy on his blankie in the kitchen
so he can stay with Mommy.
Update 4/15/13: Freddy is feeling much better. His soreness in his back is going away. He will stay on his medicines for another two weeks to help his healing process. He is not allowed to use his doggie steps to get into bed, so Daddy will build a ramp if we cannot find one to buy. The best news of all is that Freddy has started playing with his woobies again! 

Poor Freddy the wiener dog. His back hurts and we're not sure why. A week ago Freddy woke up in shivers. He wanted to hide in corners and did not want to be picked up. On Saturday he was worse. He kept walking around in circles, seemed disoriented, and could not get comfortable. It was a little better on Sunday, but he was still full of shivers.

Malibu stays close to Freddy
since he doesn't feel well.
On Monday we took Freddy to the vet. The vet said his symptoms sounded like Freddy hurt his back. However, the vet could not find an injury along Freddy's spine and only one spot was tender. So, the first guess is spinal infection. Freddy has been taking an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant and antibiotics. The first 24 hours were the keep-an-eye-on-Freddy-this-could-get-scary time. Freddy reacted very well to his medicines and seemed to be so, so much better, just like his old self. But, now his back is bothering him again. He seems in pain and can't go up and down his doggie steps. We have been very careful with supporting his entire back if he is picked up. Most of all, Mommy has not allowed any dirt-digging and Freddy is very unhappy about that. But, Mommy can't keep Freddy completely still unless he is in a crate and Mommy does not want to do that yet.

Freddy has another appointment this week. If Freddy is not completely well, then it will be bloodwork and x-rays. Mommy wants them to find something (to treat), but Mommy also does not want them to find something. Mommy wants her Freddy Baby all better.


  1. Oh no Freddy! We're so sorry to hear your back is bothering you. We've got our paws crossed for you pal.

    We truly hope it is nothing serious and that it can be treated with just med's. A spinal infection? We've not heard of that before.

    Please keep us all posted. I know just how worried your Mommy is.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. We truly wish it is not anything grave and that it can be treated with just med's. A spinal contamination? We've not perceived of that before.. Challenge coins