Sunday, March 4, 2012

No, Freddy, not the fox!

Freddy, the wiener dog, was enjoying sunset in his backyard when a big fox appeared at the back gate. He and Malibu took off after it. [Mommy's quite serious when she says it was big]. Malibu was closer so she reached the gate first. Freddy was a half-step behind her. The fox just stood there looking down at Malibu. He looked at Freddy as he came running up. At the same time Mommy came out of the screen door of the pool patio after Freddy and Malibu. They can't get through the back gate, but Mommy wasn't sure what the fox would do next, or how it defends itself. She did know what Freddy would have done...attack! As Mommy came out the screen door and Freddy came running up to the gate, the fox ran off. [It moved beautifully.] Freddy, of course, takes total credit for running that big fox off. Freddy came inside to tell his Daddy that he ran the fox off. Freddy expected a treat too for doing such a great job. He got one, of course.

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