Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Waiting for Eric.

Finally got my Eric back.
Freddy, the wiener dog, waited in the middle school carline for his two-legged brother Eric.  Freddy has to get there early so he's not in the 200th car back, which would drive his Mommy nuts.  Freddy decided to start his wait by walking on the sidewalk next to carline at the back of the school.  Once he got too hot, he told his Mommy that he wanted to go back to the car.  She's not as smart as Freddy, so it took three times being stubborn on the leash before she understood that Freddy was definitely going back to the car.  Once there, Mommy realized that she didn't have his traveling water bowl with her, so she improvised.  She poured water into her hand and Freddy drank it that way.  The best part was that his seat was in the shade!  Once the kids started leaving school, Freddy stood up in the seat to watch for Eric.  He started barking at the other kids until Mommy said, "Where's Eric?"  Then, Freddy started crying and whining for Eric.  Freddy saw Eric first, of course, and was SO happy when Eric got into the car.  He settled down and relaxed for the car ride home.  Mommy thought Freddy was so cute that she had to take a picture. 

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