Friday, August 19, 2011

The Tormentor

She's crazy!
Freddy, the wiener dog, is being tormented by his beagle sister Daisy.  Daisy has certainly become relaxed in her new home.  She's really blossomed - She used to be smaller than Freddy, now she's quite larger.  Unfortunately, she's now comfortable with tormenting Freddy, like little sisters can do.  Her newest torment is when Freddy is laying on the couch.  She hunkers down really low on the floor and then springs up to scare Freddy while she barks and paws at him at the same time.  This causes a lot of snarl-sneezing by Freddy, but Daisy just loves it.  She does this repeatedly.  Freddy tries to look below the couch from his position, but he can't see her.  Daisy knows that and just keeps springing up at Freddy.  It's hard for Freddy to nap on the couch because he never knows when Daisy is going to sneak below and spring up at him. 

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