Saturday, July 21, 2012

Luna's Tiger

Luna, the wiener dog, got a new toy three days ago - a squeaky tiger. Luna has not let that tiger out of her sight, much less her mouth, for the last three days. It goes wherever Luna goes, literally. She even sleeps on top of it. She keeps it next to her when she eats, but she'll stop eating and grab the tiger if she thinks anybody is after it.

Luna "hides" the tiger around the house. But, we always know where it is because she sits in front of the "hiding" spot and guards it. If you go near her, she grabs it and runs off. Funny.


  1. That's so adorables. I has a toy named Cow Cow, but I only play with him when I is angry and after my bath:)

  2. Oh that Luna! You are making us laugh with her story. We think Tiger is very cute so we can see why she is so protective.

    Lily Belle