Thursday, August 16, 2012


That'a-my-Bu... That'a my Bu...
That'a my Buuuuuuu!!
Malibu, the wiener dog, had a very scary day. Tuesday, when Malibu's humans were eating dinner, Malibu ran outside {after frogs, no doubt}. She came right back in.....barely able to walk, violently trembling, pupils fixed and dilated, very shallow breathing, and unresponsive. How did Malibu crawl from outside?

Mommy picked up Malibu and called her name. Unresponsive. Mommy couldn't hear any breathing and couldn't see Malibu's tummy moving. Mommy stuck her finger down Malibu's throat; nothing there. Thankfully, Malibu gagged on the finger and spit it back - she was getting air! The entire time Mommy was calling Bu's name over and over and over, trying to get some sort of response. Nothing.

Of course, Mommy's screaming brought Daddy and the boys. Daddy couldn't figure out what was wrong either, and the boys were freaked! Steven was so upset that he ran to another room. Mommy and Daddy thought perhaps Malibu had gotten a wasp or spider bite and that Bu was in anaphylactic shock.  But, there wasn't any swelling, lump or bloody spot. Mommy and Daddy ran out the door with Malibu, but our vet's office was closed. By the time we reached his office Malibu was still trembling, but it wasn't as badly as before. Malibu's pupils were no longer completely dilated. There was slight movement when Mommy moved her fingers back and forth in front of Malibu's eyes. Bu's eyes were responsive to Mommy's voice at this point. Because the trembling was subsiding and Malibu seemed to be "returning to normal," Mommy and Daddy decided not to run Malibu across town to the emergency vet's office.

Relaxing on the patio
with a chewed vitamin bottle.
Once back home, Malibu and Mommy curled up in bed together. Luna came onto the bed and curled up along side Mommy and Bu. Luna didn't even bring her tiger or try to get Mommy's attention. She just laid next to Bu. Freddy also came onto the bed. He gave Malibu a quick sniffing and then he licked her face 5-6 times. {It was so cute!} Then, Freddy also laid on the bed near her. For an hour afterward she seemed exhausted and disoriented. Later, she was romping about as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

The next day Mommy and Daddy took Bu to her vet. He performed a thorough exam, of course. He even took blood for a workup. {Results back on Friday.} The vet's initial thoughts are that Malibu had a seizure, perhaps caused by hyperthyroidism. Hopefully there's good news tomorrow. Mommy doesn't want her baby girl to do that again.

8/17/12 Update: Bu's bloodwork came back absolutely normal. The vet said, "It's exactly the way it should be." So, Mommy and Daddy will keep an eye on Bu and hopefully this won't happen again..... Maybe she picked up a really nasty toad.


  1. Sophie's 1st seizure was scary like that! She laid on the floor in full grand-mal type seizure, foaming at the mouth, breathing hard & blood coming from her nose. At her age (13) it was due to a brain tumor (younger dogs is normally thyroid). The anti-seizure meds (phenobarbital) worked wonderfully :D And she didn't mind taking them 'cuz she got cheese or salami or something yummy. Hopefully Bu will be better REAL SOON!

  2. OMD! What a horrible fright! We're so sorry to hear that this happened to Malibu (and of course to you too.) We are praying that things are A-OK and this was just a fluke thing. Please keep us all posted.

    Head scratchies to Malibu.

    Lily Belle