Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rilind Reborn - amazing story of Pittie saved from death.

Freddy, the wiener dog, has been following the story of Rilind since the day after Christmas 2011. Rilind's name appropriately means "rebirth" or "reincarnation." He has earned this name as he has begun his long road to recovery. This poor boy was literally at death's doorstep before Pit Sisters Rescue stepped in to save him. Here's his story.....

Rilind was seen by shelter workers at the Clay County Animal Care & Control in Jacksonville, Fla., being tossed over their fence like garbage. Shelter volunteers voiced their extreme concern for his life and their pleas finally made it to Jennifer Watson, founder of Pit Sisters Rescue in Jacksonville, Florida. She had no idea that the condition she would find this pup in was so severe. The pictures hardly prepared her for what she saw in front of her. Rilind was severely emaciated, covered in urine, feces and fleas. Through tears and prayers Jen and helpers rushed him to the vet for urgent care.

Every single bone of his skeleton was visible. He weighed in at approximately 22 lbs...about half of what he should weigh. It was all he could manage to lift his head and give Jen one single, solitary kiss showing his appreciation. Rilind's temperature was so low it would not register, his gums were completely white and his red blood cell count frighteningly low. Dr. Morley advised that Rilind immediately undergo a blood transfusion if he was to survive the night. Jen knew the perfect donor; one of Pit Sisters' own rescue pups, Alta, who coincidentally was being boarded at the same vet awaiting her new home. Alta was eager to do her part to help Rilind. The blood transfusion was successful.

Eventually, Rilind was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), a form of pancreatic malfunction. Pit Sisters took him in and began his treatments, which include weekly vet visits, Vitamin B-12 shots, powdered enzymes, metro and antibiotics. This treatment was continue for the rest of his life. His diet is carefully monitored with very select treats. Rilind currently weighs 87.2 pounds!! He was even named Pit of the Year by Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer,

Rilind has thrived under the care of the Pit Sisters. Being a newly formed and much needed rescue organization, the mounting vet bills to ensure Rilind's healing, has been especially crippling for Pet Sisters and donations of any size are desperately needed to continue Rilind's care. If you are able, please donate to his fund directly at Lakewood San Jose Animal Hospital (5315 Saint Augustine Road., Jacksonville, FL 32207; (904) 737-2011 or via PayPal from the link on their website at Join Freddy, the wiener dog, and follow Rilind's journey to recovery on Facebook at

"We promise to provide love, homes and voices for those who cannot speak. Our focus is on the bully breeds who are judged solely on their appearance. We strive to remove the stereotypes that have been placed upon these wonderful creatures."


  1. Bless all those who helped this darling boy...

  2. Such a sad beginning to the story, but was so thrilled to read the happy ending!

    Lily Belle

  3. thank you pit sisters