Friday, November 4, 2011

Freddy loves car rides! Daisy, not so much.

Only Freddy sits next to Daddy.
Mom, I got sick.
Freddy, the wiener dog, loves car rides... to anywhere... especially with his Daddy. Daddy uses a car repair shop on the other side of town, so it takes 30+ minutes to drive each way. Freddy loves this. Daisy, not so much. Freddy and Daisy went with Mommy and Daddy to pick up Daddy's monster truck. Mommy told Daddy to leave Daisy home because Daisy gets carsick. Daddy wouldn't listen. Daddy put Freddy in the backseat of the car. This hurt Freddy's feelings. He's always supposed to ride up front, especially with his Daddy. And, of course, Freddy was even more upset when Daddy left Freddy in the car when he went inside to pay for his repairs. *Gasp!* [Mommy would have taken Freddy inside.] Wait! It gets worse. Daisy drooled on Freddy on the drive over. Oh yeah. Freddy was very, very unhappy about that. After getting his truck, Freddy and Daisy rode back home with Daddy. Freddy sat in his special place next to Daddy. Daisy laid down on the back seat. Daisy drooled all the way home too. But, before they could get home, Daisy Daddy's truck. Mommy thinks this is incredibly funny. Freddy gets grossed out and disgusted when the other dogs do something uncivilized that he, Freddy, would never do! Oh, oh! I must tell you about the time that Malibu got into the truck with Freddy and Daddy and she took Freddy's special seat next to Daddy.............

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