Thursday, November 10, 2011

A sleeping Freddy...and his sisters.

Freddy's on the left. He matches the blanket."
All curled up together.
Freddy, the wiener dog, climbed on top of Mommy's big bed and took the best spot for sleeping. Shortly after that Malibu climbed onto the bed and choose her favorite spot. Then, Daisy comes into the room. Not wanting to be left out, Daisy jumped onto the bed, stomped on the pillows, nearly missed stepping on Freddy and Malibu, and choose a spot where she could snuggle with the others. She used Freddy's rear-end as a pillow, and she rested her jaw and leg on Malibu. Daisy's a big, heavy girl. It's really quite funny to watch Freddy drag himself out from underneath Daisy... Good thing Freddy's a long wiener dog and can stretch that spine way out. Later, Mark took Freddy [to keep the monsters away], so Malibu settled into a more protected spot in the pillows. Daisy has to sleep in the boys' room, but she keeps going back and forth between rooms.

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