Friday, November 18, 2011

Morning Walk

Freddy is the leader!
Freddy, the wiener dog, and his female companions went for a morning walk. They had some time off while Freddy's sprained leg healed. Freddy likes to run on his walks. We tried walking when his leg was still recovering and Freddy was the most pathetic sight, trying to hop/run with that bad leg. Unfortunately, it was timed when the girls were spayed. They were putting on weight, so we had to get all of the dogs back on Freddy's health and exercise. Freddy has to be the leader on walks, of course. No incidents. We didn't even see other dogs or people. There was one big black-and-white cat lounging under a car. Malibu decided to lead the Charge of the Light Brigade, but Mommy didn't let them get very far. The cat never cared.

Upon their return, Freddy went hunting in the front bushes for lizards. Malibu went hunting for toads. Freddy didn't have any luck with lizards, but Malibu found a toad. As soon as possible, Daisy took the toad away and hid it from Malibu. Perhaps Daisy dumped it in one of the big flower pots on the porch... That's where Malibu kept checking for it, but the pots were too tall for Malibu. Freddy's okay not finding any lizards. He likes the hunt and hanging out with his Daddy, who was spraying for weeds.

Pleasant morning. Gorgeous weather.

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