Saturday, November 12, 2011

Clash of the Titans!

That was my seat.
It's mine now.
Freddy, the wiener dog, loves his Daddy. Freddy really likes watching TV with Daddy and going on car rides. The best spot in the big truck is right next to Daddy, and Freddy doesn't share. Even if there are three people sitting on the bench seat, Freddy still squeezes between Daddy and the next person. Until Malibu. We still have to lift Freddy into the truck first or he gets upset. Diva. Well, Freddy calls shotgun next to Daddy and gets into position even if Daddy hasn't gotten in the truck yet. Until Malibu. Mommy could be sitting in the truck too, but Malibu wants Freddy's shotgun position. She'll jump into Daddy's lap and then squeeze between Freddy and Daddy. If Freddy is a second too slow getting into position, then Malibu will hop over him and lay down next to Daddy's seat. Freddy doesn't look happy about it, but he will not challenge Malibu for that spot and he lets her have it! If Daddy gets out of the truck, then Freddy will try to take the position back from Malibu, which is silly because then Daddy has to move Freddy out of the way so Daddy can sit down and drive. Mommy can't tell if Freddy's being a gentleman, has feelings for Malibu, or is afraid to challenge Malibu. She's a Diva too.

My Daddy. My seat.

I need it.

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