Thursday, May 10, 2012

Freddy brags about his human brother.

Bu and Eric
Freddy, the wiener dog, wants to brag about one of his human brothers. Eric is a volunteer at the elementary school in the mornings before his classes start at the middle school. Eric assists very, very special needs children. The bus for these children arrived at the school a couple of minutes before Eric arrived in car-line. The teacher was trying to gather the children to walk to class.

One boy, in particular, was refusing to leave his bus. When Eric hopped out of the car, there was a huge relief on the teacher’s face. She said, “Look! It’s Eric! Why don’t you take Eric’s hand and walk to class?” The little boy ran over to Eric, took his hand, and lined up for class. Freddy watched the little boy walk down the sidewalk with Eric. The little boy looked up adoringly at Eric the entire way into the school. What’s really cute is that the boy’s name is also Eric, so he’s called “Little Eric” and Freddy’s Eric is called “Big Eric.”

Freddy, of course, did not bark during all this commotion. Freddy doesn’t like the buses and barks at the drivers. Sometimes Freddy will even bark at the children on the sidewalk. But, Freddy doesn’t bark at these children. Freddy knows these are very, very special children and he never scares them with barking. Just like with Steven’s friend Josh, Freddy knows who needs extra love.

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  1. Such a beautiful story and heartwarming too. Awesome job Eric! You get the gold medal for today.

    Lily Belle