Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Freddy goes hiking in the Fla. woods.

Freddy, the wiener dog, went hiking in a wildlife management area on Lake Jesup. Freddy was a little reluctant from the beginning. It was a hot, dry day. Freddy would stop and rest in shady spots.

Of course, he used his long hound dog snout to smell everything. Freddy was fascinated with certain ones. For instance, you could see where an armadillo dug but Freddy wasn’t interested in that. Freddy was very interested in where the wild hog had been rooting in the ground.

Daddy carried Freddy up to the top of the observation tower. Freddy walked around the top of the tower and smelled very last corner and board. It’s a wooden observation tower about 40 feet high and overlooking Lake Jesup. The tower was the halfway point. Freddy was much happier leaving the tower. Even though they took a different path back, Freddy definitely knew they were headed back to the truck.

As they got more than halfway back to the truck from the tower, Freddy decided it was time to run! Freddy was the first one back to the truck. He had to wait another ten minutes for the boys and their friends to arrive. Freddy prefers leading the pack, his pack.

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