Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NO growling at Mommy!

Freddy, the wiener dog, was lounging on the bed for afternoon nap. So far, none of the doggies had fallen asleep. Malibu was playing with her retrieved chewed up vitamin bottle from Luna, who had previously taken it from Malibu. Luna was unhappy without her vitamin bottle.

Suddenly, Luna jumped up, started wagging her tail, trotted down the doggie stairs and across the room. Mommy hadn't noticed another plastic jar until Luna discovered it. Luna happily came back up the doggie stairs and onto the bed to play with this new plastic container. Unfortunately for Luna, it was a Nutella jar. Mommy was going to let Luna chew on the lid for a couple of minutes and then take it away. Mommy won't risk any of the doggies' eating chocolate.

Mommy started the usual teasing of Luna, who playfully growled back and played tug-of-war with the plastic jar. Unfortunately, again for Luna, she growled a little too forcefully. Mommy knew Luna was still playing, but both Freddy and Malibu jumped up and came running to give Luna a warning for growling at Mommy. Freddy just came over and barked loudly in her ear (that always stops Luna from whatever she's doing). But, Malibu went bonkers. She attacked Luna's head and neck ready for a fight. There was a brief tussle. Malibu then ran over and grabbed Luna's left hind leg and wouldn't let go. Malibu apparently wanted to make sure that Luna wouldn't growl at Mommy again.

Mommy tried to smooth things over, but nobody wanted to budge an inch. Freddy was still leaning over Luna, barking at her. Malibu still had a hold of Luna's leg. Luna was still hanging onto the plastic jar. Finally, everybody settled back down and Mommy quickly took the chocolate jar away from Luna. Whew!

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