Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Freddy, play nice!

Freddy, the wiener dog, loves his woobies. Freddy doesn't like to share his woobies. Maibu has never cared about Freddy's woobies. Malibu cares about digging holes, playing with her toad friends, and chasing lizards. But, that hasn't stopped Freddy from protecting his woobies, at all cost.

When it was time for car-line, the doggies were outside. Mommy yelled "car-line!" and Freddy dropped his polar bear woobie into the nearest Malibu hole...which is pretty deep. Upon returning from car-line, Malibu runs to her closest hole to start digging and search for frogs again. Malibu happens to climb on top of Freddy's polar bear woobie because it was at the bottom of her hole. Freddy sees this and freaks! He runs over, gets a tight grip on the woobie, and with a couple of good yanks pulls the woobie out from underneath Malibu. This causes Malibu to fall deeper into the hole and land on her face.

Malibu is Freddy's girlfriend. He's never been rude to Malibu...until now. Freddy, play nice! 

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