Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Mother! I refuse to even look at you!"

Freddy, the wiener dog, just loves when his family gets in the pool. Freddy swam in the pool before with the help of his humans. Freddy hates the pool. He much prefers to run and play when his family swims.

Malibu and Luna have not been in the pool before tonight. As usual, Freddy went to dig. "Dig, dig...dig, dig a tunnel." [That's a reference to The Lion King 1½ (also known as The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata in some countries) if you didn't know it.] Malibu went to hunt for frogs. Luna worried about her humans in the big water hole again. Mommy was in the pool this time. Luna came trotting over to see Mommy. Mommy thought Luna was going to jump in, so Mommy swam to the side of the pool, picked up Luna and carried her into the pool. Mommy held Luna tight to her, but Luna was still very scared.

Luna was terrified when her boys were the pool. She was even more terrified when she was in the pool. Luna became stiff as a board...even her little front legs were sticking straight out in front of her. She refused to doggie paddle. Luna glued her face to Mommy's face. Most of the time, her nose was stuck into one of Mommy's eyes. Luna didn't care; she refused to turn her face or move. Mommy only had Luna in the pool for a couple of minutes, but now Luna is mad - or disappointed - in her Mommy. She refuses to look at Mommy. When Luna needs to turn her head, she makes sure that she looks beyond Mommy and doesn't make eye contact. Ouch!

Eric went swimming too - after Luna was in the pool. Well, Luna hid under the patio furniture. She didn't want to come over to Eric either. Finally, she slowly approached Eric. She stretched that wiener body as loooooong as she could to get a little bit of nose over to Eric. Luna let Eric pet her, but she still stayed a distance away. She did not want to risk anybody getting their hands back on her and into the pool. Then, she ran back underneath the patio furniture.

Everybody is out of the pool and Luna is nowhere to be found. Usually, she's close to Mommy. Now, she's decided to hang out with Daddy or one of the boys. "Mother! I refuse to even look at you!"

P.S. Mommy carried Malibu into the pool too. She was not as scared as Luna, but Malibu did not enjoy it either. Malibu just wanted to get out and hunt for frogs again. Okay, fine.

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