Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fire! Run for it!!!!

Freddy, the wiener dog, and his girls smelled the electrical fire before his humans. Unfortunately, Freddy and the girls ran outside but didn't warn the humans. Thankfully, no harm, no foul.

Freddy and the girls love clean, WARM laundry. Well, they can forget about that for a while because the dryer blew. In its attempt to gasp its last breath, it caused a power drain which then caused a power surge back into the house. That caused a surge to the big TV....which started the electrical fire. [Mommy should have known something was amiss when Luna ran outside..... Luna doesn't expend energy for anything! Okay, except fire. Good to know.]

Luckily, Steven has a nose nearly as good as a....well, a dog...and he told Mommy that something smelled funny. Mommy casually strolled into the living room to smell electrical wire(s) burning. Also, thankfully, Daddy was home. Mommy ran around and unplugged everything while Daddy ran for the main power breaker/source into the house. He turned that off.

Daddy checked all the electrical breakers, outlets and other gizmos. He slowly turned the power back on to each room and then the large appliances until he discovered the source. The dryer. So, Freddy is not going to get clean, WARM laundry today. [Thank goodness for surge protectors. They burned out, but saved the electrical equipment!] Oh, the surge blew the washing machine too. Of course.....

Mommy knew when everything was okay and it was safe to return to the house.... That's when the doggies came back inside - to take a nap - in the last of the clean, WARM laundry. Thanks, weenies.

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  1. Thank goodness that no one was hurt and that the house is safe and sound. Appliances can be replaced.

    Lily Belle