Friday, June 15, 2012

Freddy takes Miss Grace to his favorite beach.

Freddy, the wiener dog, took Miss Grace to his favorite beach -- the doggie beach at New Smyrna Beach, Florida...across the inlet from the lighthouse. As mentioned in previous posts, Freddy enjoys the beach, just not the water. Never. Ever. Well, not today!! Freddy followed Miss Grace around like a puppy. Whenever Miss Grace went into the water, so did Freddy.

Freddy and his group had the beach to themselves most of the time. Of course, other doggies would show up...but not for long. Freddy was obnoxious in defending HIS beach - you know, all he can see - and the owners wouldn't stay very long because of Freddy's barking. Funny.

After the beach, Freddy and his group went to Gator's Dockside Grille. Yes, this is the patio restaurant on the St. Johns River that has alligators swimming by. Mommy is usually terrified to have Freddy and the girls at that restaurant [see previous posts], but not today. Mommy picked a table away from the water's edge so she didn't have to worry about the doggies.....or the alligators.

Freddy loved it. Just like the beach, Freddy was King of the Hill. Miss Grace wanted to try gator, so we ordered some. Freddy tried it too. Freddy loves, loves gator tail. Leave it to Freddy to be at the top of the food chain!!

P.S. Luna curled up in Miss Grace's lap going to and from the beach. After all, Miss Grace is Luna's new best friend.

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  1. Oh Freddie, so you were a show off today for Miss Grace! You're such a guy...

    Lily Belle