Monday, November 5, 2012

Luna and the BIG, icky spider.

Freddy the wiener dog and his girls were barking, barking, barking at something in the living room. I came into the room to see them barking at a BIG, icky spider. Actually, Luna protecting her BIG, icky spider. - It is difficult to describe just how much I hate bugs, lizards, flying things, frogs, etc. The best description is....well, just looking at it could put me into a coma. Yes, it's that bad. - I needed a better look at the BIG, icky spider but I wasn't getting too close to Luna, who obviously wanted her spider left alone.

Luna picks it up and starts trotting around the house with it. Quite pleased with herself. Of course, I'm not sure if she was pleased with the spider or that I proceeded them screaming and running from it. Either way, Luna looked happy.

When Luna finally dropped it for a second, I had my camera ready with the telephoto lens. Once I was able to zoom in on the nasty thing up close and personal, I could tell it was plastic. This gave me some relief but then I thought, "Boys!" [who are at school].

Luna continues to play with her spider...crunching on it mostly. Luna does love plastic. But, this is one toy that Luna is making sure nobody - not even Freddy - gets their paws on it.

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