Monday, October 29, 2012

Freddy likes 68º F (20º C) with a slight breeze.

Freddy the wiener dog really enjoyed our early evening walk. It was 68º F (20º C) with a slight breeze. Freddy was frisky! He either racewalked or jogged the whole way. In fact, he was so happy that it looked like he was skipping.

Malibu seemed happy enough, but she stayed close to Freddy the entire way. Steven walked Freddy, so I walked Bu. Unfortunately, Freddy wanted to walk so fast that I had to jog now and then to keep up. I wasn't in my running shoes, but at least I had tennis shoes on. It's really tough jogging in flip-flops.

Luna was naughty (what's new, huh?). She hid when it was time to put on their harnesses. So, she was left behind. Of course, she was very upset about this. Too bad. She either listens to her Mommy or she gets left out of the fun.

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  1. Oh Luna, I know girlfurend exactly how you feel about wearing those dang harnesses~I dont like them either and do the same thing. At least the other ones got out of the house for a bit. Hope you enjoyed your peace and quiet.

    Lily Belle