Saturday, August 11, 2012


Freddy, the wiener dog, got a bath tonight. He wasn't happy about it, but he was s-t-i-n-k-y! Then, when we wetted him down, he got even stinkier!! Phew! Lately, we haven't been able to stop Freddy's itchy manly-manly chest. We tried yet another shampoo. Mommy actually got it at the hair salon. If this doesn't work, then there's another to try from Amazon. It was requested by a rescue group, so maybe it will be mild, gentle yet helpful to Freddy's itchy skin. Of course, Freddy's always been high maintenance. Diva's always are.

Bu also received a bath tonight. She wasn't stinky but she had stuff stuck to her legs and chest, probably from all that dirt digging and frog chasing. Giving Freddy a bath makes him hide under a blanket. Giving Bu a bath makes her...hum, well...insane. She's has been running super-speedy circles around the house....jumping on and off furniture...stealing Luna's tiger...........

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  1. Freddy, why don't you ask Nola what type of shampoo she uses. I think she has really sensitive skin. Our Vet said that we could use Selsen Blue Shampoo on Lily when her allergies act up. Just a thought!

    Mommy Kim