Sunday, September 11, 2011

Freddy, the velociraptor? Dude.

"Be very quiet....We're hunting lizards."
Freddy, the wiener dog, likes to hunt lizards. Rarely, but every once in a while, he catches one. This morning Freddy caught one. As soon as he stepped onto the pool patio, he saw a lizard in the corner and ran for it..with Daisy close behind. Freddy caught it in his mouth, walked around, spit it out and picked it up a couple of times, and then finally killed it. He crushed its skull. It sounded like Jurassic Park III when the velociraptor breaks Mr. Kowalski's neck. *shudders* I can still hear that bone-crunching sound. *shudders, again* Okay, so, after the kill, Freddy's done with the lizard. Daisy, who couldn't figure out why Freddy had the lizard in the first place, walks over to check it out. She sniffs it. She picks it up and immediately spits it back out of her mouth. Ew. Then, she gingerly picks it up and walks it back to the corner where Freddy caught it. She was taking it home! Oh, Daisy. Freddy, that was icky. Dude.

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