Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Crazies

Freddy's hammerhead shark
Freddy, the wiener dog, went for a walk tonight with Mommy.  As usual, we had to pass the big wooden fence with three or four dogs behind it.  The Crazies.  They're not well-behaved and they attack each other when Freddy walks by...on the other side of the street.  Another couple was walking their little Chihuahua on the sidewalk right next to The Crazies' fence.  It's obvious the fence isn't in good shape and there's even broken boards at the bottom.  That couple actually let their little Chihuahua put its paws up on the fence to listen to or look at The Crazies.  Freddy started barking, growling and shaking the shark, but he looked like he was warning that little Chihuahua away from the fence.  Freddy didn't start his fit until the little doggie put his paws up.  Of course, The Crazies were attacking each other.  Can you imagine if one of those big dogs put its mouth through the fence and pulled that little Chihuahua into the backyard?  Some people shouldn't be dog owners - including the owners of The Crazies and the little Chihuahua. 

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