Monday, September 12, 2011

Mommy is mad, mad, mad, mad.

The scene of the crime.
Freddy, the wiener dog, went for his morning walk with Mommy and Daisy.  Freddy always looks for lizards in the front bushes before we leave for our walk.  Daisy just wants to eat mulch and sticks.  While Freddy and Daisy are busy with their morning pursuits, Mommy is watching a neighbor boy, maybe 10 years old, walking an enormous black mountain of a dog across the street.  Mommy waits until they are out of sight - at least a block or more - before the threesome headed down the sidewalk in the opposite direction.  Mommy, Freddy and Daisy are cheerfully walking along when they hear, "Dooley, NO!"  Freddy's group turns and sees the enormous black dog flying at full speed toward them with a frightened boy being dragged behind.  It looked like the dog was aiming for Daisy Mae.  Because the boy didn't give a warning to the threesome, Freddy and his girls only had seconds before the black dog would plow into them.  Freddy and Daisy were barking at the big dog.  They were holding their ground, but Daisy moved back while Freddy moved forward.  Freddy was clearly ready to launch himself at the big dog.  Mommy turned around and braced herself.  She was ready to drop both the leashes to grab the head of the enormous black dog.  Mommy didn't care if Freddy and Daisy attacked the black fact, she was going to need the help, but she couldn't allow that enormous jaw to clamp down onto Freddy Baby or Daisy Mae.  Mommy half snarled/half yelled, "Get control of your DOG!"  We're not sure what happened next, but the enormous black dog almost skidded to a halt.  He was still snarling and pulling on his leash, but not so badly that the little boy couldn't get control of the leash, sort of, and drag his dog the other way.  Freddy and his girls continued holding their ground until the dog was half a block away, then they turned and walked in the opposite direction.  After that, Freddy was wound up tight and looking for another fight, but the threesome completed their walk without another incident.  Mommy is so relieved that neither Freddy Baby or Daisy Mae were injured.  However, Mommy is mad, mad, mad, mad.  Why do irresponsible people get dogs, especially large dogs, if they're not doing to train and control them?  What a morning!

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