Sunday, September 18, 2011

What a ruckus!

Freddy, the wiener dog, went for his evening walk with Daisy and his people.  First, we let Freddy hunt for lizards while Mark went across the street to return Jack's flip-flops.  I throw a woobie for Freddy to grab for his walk.  Unfortunately, Freddy reaches the woobie just as Daisy started bark/baying at the figure coming across the road.  Freddy barks and runs after "the intruder."  When he realized it was Mark, his attention turned toward a cat running away.  Freddy veers off and starts after the cat.  Eric chases Freddy down and brings him back.  We put the leash on Freddy and begin our walk.  Of course we immediately see Tank (his nemesis).  Eric's friend Kevin and his 3-year-old sister Rachel join us.  Freddy's not comfortable around small children and he's nervous with Rachel walking behind him.  He keeps turning his head to see where she's at.  We continue walking and cross paths with two Irish Setters.  Freddy barks at them too.  We passed by cats, one big dog (Junior), one little dog (didn't know him) and lots of dogs barking from inside their houses.  Everything upset Freddy.  What a ruckus!  Growl, bark...growl, bark...bark, bark, bark.  As we're nearing our house we see two more little dogs (didn't know these either).  The owner of one little dog wouldn't reel in the extend-o-leash even with Freddy ready to rip her dog's head off.  Jeff had to pick Freddy up.  Almost home and there's two more cats.  One cat was at the end of our driveway and didn't know which way to run.  It hunkered down and waited for us to pass.  Luckily we made it home without Freddy's drawing blood from anybody.  Gee, I so can't wait to do this again tomorrow night.

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