Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Freddy's big walk

Hot, but happy Freddy
Freddy, the wiener dog, walked a new route today.  It was hot, exciting, interesting, and a little dangerous.  Freddy loved it.  We dropped the big boys off at the middle school and then parked the car in the parking lot behind the school.  Next to it, there's a sidewalk that goes between the elementary school and townhouses.  We took that sidewalk and it empties at a main artery through the subdivision - Okay, it's a two-lane street, but it's bigger than the other streets in the subdivision.  We turned right and walked up to the main road through our little corner of the world.  We turned right and walked in front of the elementary school, down the side of the middle school, and to the back parking lot where the car was parked.  The route was a big square.  Freddy was well-behaved and didn't bark at anybody, even though one of the teenagers barked at Freddy.  He was very excited to see Joshua walking to school.  Towards the end, he was running a little bit to keep up but he made it.  It was a hot morning, but not unbearable.  It was exciting because it was a new route with lots to see and smell.  It was interesting to walk past all those teenagers headed to the middle school and noticing all the different reactions to Freddy.  The dangerous part was walking across a section of parking lot where the middle school car-line and the elementary school car-line cross.  At least, it would have been dangerous if it weren't for all the drivers slowing down and enjoying the view of a little wiener dog.  People gave us plenty of room to get through.  One nice man in a pick-up truck rolled down his window and yelled, "Nice Doxie!"  Freddy had a good drink of water back at the car and we headed home.  Freddy looked like he was smiling.  

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