Monday, March 26, 2012

Malibu got hurt; Freddy stays by her side.

Freddy, the wiener dog, jumped up quickly when he heard Malibu's sharp cry of pain. Mommy and Freddy found Malibu hobbling toward them. Her left hind leg shaking badly. The slightest movement or touch to that paw caused more cries of pain. Mommy went looking for what might have hurt Malibu.

The best we can determine it was a new plant that recently started growing in one spot of the yard. The stems have needle-like hairs that stick out. Daddy discovered the new plant when he stepped on one. The sting lasted four hours, then his foot and leg were numb for 18 hours.

Malibu was in considerable pain for probably a few hours, fitfully trying to fall asleep. She got a tiny aspirin and then feel asleep. Since then, she's been sleeping and sleeping in Mommy's arms. After sleeping 4-5 hours, Mommy got Malibu outside for a pee break and some food and water. Malibu wasn't interested in any of that. So, Mommy put her back to bed. Freddy hasn't been interested in any of that either. He stays on the bed with Malibu, making sure she's okay.

Luna's been worried about her baby sister too. She stays close to Malibu and checks on her from time to time. Daddy's mad that plant keeps growing in the side yard. He went out there this evening spraying weed killer and hacking around any place that plant might be growing. Nobody wants this to happen again, especially Malibu!

Update: Malibu had a tough night, but she feels better this morning. She ate and drank a little for breakfast. Now, she's running around playing. She's not her usual chaotic self, but she's playing well. She even barked at the neighbor's white, fuffy, yappy little dog. That's Freddy's job, so she must be feeling better. 


  1. I is very sorry to hear of Malibu's injury. It sounds like you guys is taking good care of her. It takes a brave dog to face down a spiky plant like that! I hope she feels better real soon.

  2. Were so sorry to hear it, sending you our prayers I hope that you will be feeling better soon :)

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