Friday, January 6, 2012

Freddy rescues an American Bulldog/Box mix, a terrier/mutt, and a Great Dane.

Great Dane/mix puppy
Freddy, the wiener dog, loves riding in the car with Mommy. However, he doesn't really like Mommy's picking up "stray" dogs and putting them in the car. Freddy doesn't bark much when he's on these trips. He is very curious about the doggies that Mommy brings into the car, "What is it?" Freddy seems to know the doggies don't feel well; they're scared, nervous, etc., so he doesn't bark at them. Freddy's favorite part is when Mommy gives the doggies to somebody else. Actually, Freddy's favorite part is getting a plain hamburger from McDonald's after they drop the doggies off.

What is that?!  Bigfoot?
Freddy had three dogs to rescue in one day - an American Bulldog/Boxer mix, a terrier/mix, and a Great Dane/mix puppy. Freddy goes crazy when Daddy gets out of the truck until Daddy gets back in the truck, in his seat, and Freddy is curled up next to Daddy. Then it was, "Holy Cow! That thing is huge! Don't eat me." [It was gotten really ugly if it had been a boy. Thank heaven for little girls.] The pictures don't show how big the 10-month-old Great Dane/mix puppy really was. She was truly huge. She couldn't wait to get outside. Daddy had to hold the leash because Mommy didn't have the strength to keep from being dragged behind...the puppy was strong. She was also very gentle with Mark, who was scared of her size, at first. The puppy was friendly with no aggression at all. She rode in the back with Mommy's Mickey blanket. Freddy was glad that enormous dog rode in the back and not up front in Freddy's space. Again, that would have been ugly.

Big, beautiful and sweet.
The American Bulldog/Boxer mix and the terrier/mix were a joint rescue and rode in the car at the same time. The Am. Bulldog/Boxer was named Melody. She was 4 years old, big, beautiful, and gentle as a lamb. Unfortunately, Mommy and Melody fell in love with each other. Mommy petted Melody the whole way to the rendezvous, who was an hour away. Freddy was unhappy when Mommy got out of the car to give Melody a bathroom break. Mommy is supposed to walk Freddy, and Freddy only. He still didn't bark. Melody, at first, would lean against Mommy with scared eyes, begging Mommy not to leave her on the side of the road [like the last "owner"]. Melody did this several times. Then, Melody started to get really worried, so she would stand up on her hind legs, put her big paws on Mommy's shoulders, and lick Mommy's face. Melody needed a lot of reassurance. Mommy walked Melody back to the car and asked Nana for the camera. When Nana opened her door and got out to hand Mommy the camera, Melody pushed her way into the car behind Nana and climbed into the front passenger's seat. She sat there for a minute or two and then climbed into the back of the car. Melody wanted to make sure that she went home with Freddy's Mommy, and not the next transport driver. Sadly, Melody had to go. Mommy got out of the way so the next driver could put Melody in her car. Melody wouldn't lift her head once she got into the crate. When Mommy came over to say good-bye, Melody gave Mommy a lot of sad licks. Mommy walked away choking back tears. Next was the terrier.

He's twice the size than he looks.
The terrier/mix dog is 8 years old. He had no name - not even from the shelter - so Mommy called him "Sweetheart." Of course, whenever she did this, Freddy would look at Mommy like "You'd better be talking to me." This poor doggie has had quite a time of it. He's blind and could barely walk. There's no broken bones, no problems with his legs... The dog obviously spent his entire life locked up or crated, and he didn't know how to use his feet, especially his hind legs and especially walking on grass. What was that soft, green stuff? The terrier was very scared and timid, so Freddy didn't bark at him. Sweetheart was quite happy to leave the shelter, but didn't mind when Mommy put him in an extra-large crate. He's used to being in a crate and understood the four walls that he couldn't see. Sweetheart seemed happy that he could actually sit completely up in the extra-large crate. However, he didn't want to leave it for his bathroom break. Mommy carried Sweetheart over to the grass. At first, he could barely stand at all on his hind legs. It took several tries for Sweetheart to get moving. Sweetheart had an extremely hard time walking, even with his front legs. Sometimes his paws would flip over. Sweetheart didn't seem to know the difference and would walk on the tops of his paws inside of his bottom pads. Sweetheart was scared of the leash and clearly didn't know what to do with it. He wouldn't move until he heard Mommy's feet crunching leaves next to him, then he'd stay close and would try to walk a little. Mommy would have to stop every few steps and get Sweetheart to stand back up on his hind legs again. Sweetheart was happy to get back into a crate, and it didn't matter to him that it was a different crate than the last one. This poor baby has a lot of therapy ahead in his life. Once the other driver leaves, then Freddy gets his potty break but he wants to get into the car and go home.

An exhausted Freddy
It was a stressful day for Mommy, and not the best for Freddy either. Although, Freddy still likes car rides and doesn't want to be left home.


  1. The terrier was very terrified and fearful, so Freddy didn't debris at him. Girlfriend was quite satisfied to keep the protection, but didn't thoughts when Mother put him in an extra-large cage.

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