Sunday, January 1, 2012

Poor little Daisy Mae.

Playing with Tank..a happy day.

Poor Daisy Mae. Mommy was walking around the yard, looking at the scattered woobies. When she got within a foot of Tank's favorite one, Daisy ran to their favorite dirt pile and looked back at the woobie. Mommy has been telling Daisy for days that he's not coming, but she keeps looking for him hour after hour.

Tank's favorite.
Here is Tank's favorite woobie. [Freddy let Tank have it, sort of.] It's a big stuffed, floppy dog. Tank loves it. "Someone" has started removing the stuffing. Mommy haven't seen the culprit yet, but she has her suspicions. 


  1. Great idea, Keith. Tank's already gone, but I'll take to The Wife and see if she'll pass it along or give me the name of the new owners. The Wife really hates dogs and hasn't been cooperative so far.