Friday, January 13, 2012

Freddy rescues an abused puppy, and maybe a little more.

Sweet, young thing.
Freddy, the wiener dog, rescues again! This time, it's not just an abandoned or abused dog, but Eric too.

Freddy's name is on a transport list. So, he gets emails about different doggies that need transport to a rescue or new home. This week, it was a one-year-old puppy that had been confiscated from an abusive creep. She was traveling from Orlando to Jacksonville. Freddy took the Orlando to Daytona portion of the trip. Puppy was in bad shape. It was obvious she had been abused. She was also covered in mange and horribly thin. She's on four medications.

Because Eric was suffering so much over his loss of Daisy, Freddy thought it was a good idea for Eric to see "how the other dogs live" and to realize that Daisy has a very good life. It worked. The pound is full of dogs and cats, mostly from bad situations. He helped Puppy get from the clinic to the car. He petted her and talked to her the whole trip. When she peed and puked, he helped clean that up too. Eric came home in less distress than when he left. Freddy's just very, very glad that Mommy didn't bring another stray home.

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