Monday, January 16, 2012

I have a dream... and it came true.

Luna's a blue dapple.
Freddy, the wiener dog, likes to dream about food, watching TV with his Daddy, naps, more food, car rides, adventures, more food, and girls. What boy doesn't dream about girls?! Well, Freddy got his wish, but so did Mommy.

Mommy has wanted a lot of Mini-Dachshunds for a long, long time. You know, Ponderosa but with Doxies instead of horses...a whole herd of Minis! [Okay, pack of Minis.]

Nine years ago she got Freddy. Last summer she wanted a girl Mini. She got one and her name was Malibu. Mommy was very happy, so was Freddy. He was so happy to have another little person around the house. Two was a good start... When Mommy saw Malibu, Mommy picked out two other girls too. One is a puppy and won't be able available for 4-5 years, if at all. The other would be available in January 2012, and she was. Today, Freddy and Mommy both got their wish granted with the arrival of Malibu's sister Luna!

Exploring the new yard.
It was an interesting arrival. Freddy didn't mind...again, he likes girls and having other little people around the house. Luna and Malibu gave each other the once over, but then they went their separate ways in the yard. Maggie is happy to have another playmate, but Luna wasn't so sure about playing with a dog that big. Luna's not a shy girl. She jumped right in and played with Malibu's toys, including the vitamin bottle! Maggie's the funniest one. She wants Luna to understand that she comes higher in the pack than Luna, but Luna just ignores her. Poor Maggie. Once again, that big dog getting bullied by the little Dachshunds.

The only mistake Luna has made is getting between Freddy and his Daddy during TV time. Oh yeah. Freddy didn't hesitate to put her in her place...with a big show of teeth and snarling. She hasn't gotten near Jeff since then.

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