Sunday, January 8, 2012

Freddy's new foster sister.

Maggie settles in.
Freddy, the wiener dog, helps Mommy transport rescue dogs. Since Freddy enjoys adventures and car rides, he has found transporting very interesting. Sometimes he transports something small [Chihuahua] or something very large [Great Dane puppy]. Most of the time they're in the middle [pit bull or terrier]. Freddy has a different reaction to different rescue dogs. [See previous blogs].

On Friday, Freddy helped transport an American Bulldog/Boxer mix and a terrier/mix to Tampa. Their ultimate destination was Naples. As previously mentioned, Mommy fell in love with the American Bulldog/Boxer. She was big, beautiful, sweet, confused, and lonely. Mommy cried when she gave her to the next transport driver. As usual, Freddy's glad to see them go.

On Saturday, Freddy had another doggie transport to the West Coast of Florida. Mommy checked on that beautiful American Bulldog/Boxer mix from the day before. The doggie didn't like the "cat house" she was placed in. She needed a doggie foster home. While Mommy can't take a big dog for a long period of time, she was happy to give the beautiful girl a good home to rest in. Freddy wasn't to keen on this idea.

Maggie finally relaxes and sleeps.
On the return trip with the American Bulldog/Boxer mix [now named Maggie], Freddy wanted to bark at her but Mommy said no...This sad doggie had been through enough. So, Freddy spent the rest of his time making sure the doggie couldn't sniff him. He freaked whenever the bigger dog looked at him. "Mom, she's doing it again." Freddy was deliriously happy to arrive back home and into the arms of his Daddy.

Mommy learned a few more things about Maggie on this trip -- Maggie had been dumped on the side of the road [which is why once she was in the car, she didn't want to get back out again]. And, Maggie had been in the euthanasia room when the rescue called to get her. Whew! So, this big, beautiful sweetie nearly lost her life because her "owner" didn't want her anymore. Mommy is confused by this...Maggie is a very sweet and gentle dog. She's been great with Daisy and the little dogs. She was also good with the many cats in the "cat house." And, she obviously had more than one litter of puppies. Hmmmmm.

Napping on the way home.
 Maggie didn't have any trouble getting out of the car on the return trip for a bathroom break because the little dogs got out too. Maggie did a little Bambi hop, twirled, and skipped along side the other doggies. Maggie was excited with her pack walk. Freddy just wanted to make sure that he didn't end up underneath the feet of the dancing, prancing Maggie. He was more than happy to get back into the car, have a snack, and nap. After all, napping is what hound dogs do best.

Maggie gently plays with crazy puppy.
 When Freddy and Mommy arrived home, Daisy welcomed Maggie. Maggie took her time learning the house and saying hi to the boys, but Daisy couldn't wait to get Maggie outside. Mommy let them outside for a potty break. Once they were outside, the mayhem began. Daisy immediately tried to get Maggie to play ["Daisy! Leave Maggie alone while she potties."] As Maggie explored the big backyard, Daisy kept showing Maggie her favorite spots and even tried to get Maggie to dig in one of Daisy's holes. It was very cute. "See? This is the way you this." Finally, Maggie was ready to play. The big girls played, wrestled and chased each other for an hour. Maggie was very gentle with Crazy Daisy, who would bite Maggie's rearend, or lay on the ground and do her "gator chomp" at Maggie's face/neck to get her to play. 4-year-old Maggie would look at 9-month-old Daisy like "Really?" and then the wrestling would continue. The big girls played until Maggie was completely worn out and Daisy was almost, sort of, tired. Mommy had to halt the mayhem anyway because the big girls were starting to bark at the sounds of racoons in the woods. [Maggie uses one big, deep bark at the time and then intently listens to the sounds in the woods.]

Maggie rests. Daisy wants to play.
 At bedtime, Eric desperately wanted Maggie to share his bed. She started off there and then moved to Mark's bed, but finally ended up sleeping with Steven. [Animals and babies love Steven]. Freddy wouldn't tolerate sleeping in the same room as the big girls so he left to sleep with Daddy. When Mommy checked on them for the 4:00 a.m. pee, Daisy was sleeping with Mark and Maggie was still in Steven's bed. [Poor Eric].

Mommy can't wait for the kids to get up and see how Day 1 progresses. Daddy thinks Mommy is crazy for bringing a foster into the house. Mommy thinks that they need another Mini-Dachshund...another girl to increase Freddy's harem. For now, she needs to figure out how much you feed an American Bulldog/Boxer mix, probably as much as she wants!

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