Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back in the saddle again.

Freddy, the wiener dog, is back!! Back in car-line, that is. Mommy wasn't taking Freddy and the girls to car-line because of the out-of-control barking. Freddy and Luna were a chorus, and Bu just joined in right. So for a week, Mommy didn't take anybody to car-line. Then, Mommy started taking only Malibu. Bu doesn't bark unless the others are around to start trouble. Good Malibu. Then, Mommy took Luna once. [Luna wanted to see her boyfriend - Eric's friend Eamon. They love each other.]

But, Mommy still wasn't able to take Freddy. Every time she put him in the car, Freddy would start barking as soon as the garage door went up. So, Mommy would take Freddy back inside. This happened for several days. Finally, today, Freddy didn't bark when Mommy put him in the car. So, Mommy took Freddy to car-line.

Freddy was extra, extra good. He never barked once. Oh, Mommy would definitely tell that Freddy wanted to bark. In fact, Freddy looked crazed wanting to bark, but he didn't. He wanted to bark when all the students showed up on the sidewalk, but he didn't. He even wanted to bark when the boys came to the car, but he didn't. Mommy was so proud of Freddy!!

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  1. Great job Freddy! (Tho I do see the stink eye you're giving Mom...)

    Lily Belle & Muffin