Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Freddy and the girls meet (the new) Daisy.

Daisy look-alike on the left.
Freddy the wiener dog and the girls were frolicking in the front yard. It was a gorgeous morning. Mommy was sitting on the front porch reading her Kindle. 

The only problem was Luna's trying to sneak across the street to catch the neighbor's cat. Luna walks along the sidewalk in front of the house and tries to make it to the neighbor's driveway. She thinks if she can make it that far, then Mommy hasn't noticed and she can dart across the street. No go. Mommy catches Luna every single time. When Mommy calls Luna back, Luna walks as s-l-o-w-l-y as possible back to Mommy. She likes to pretend that it was her idea to come back into the yard. Ha!

Besides Luna's trying to sneak off to the catch the kitty, it was a lovely morning with no incidents. Mommy could see down the sidewalks in both directions. Nobody was walking their doggies or jogging around the neighborhood. Mommy got a little too involved with her reading and didn't notice the young man approaching with his 5-month-old German Shepherd puppy until they were walking across the neighbor's driveway. About the time Mommy noticed the German Shepherd puppy, Freddy noticed the German Shepherd puppy. Freddy went tearing off, barking, snarling, snapping at the puppy....with Luna right behind to back him up. Malibu came barking and running too, but she kept her distance. The poor puppy was so confused at that barking, snarling, snapping midget dog. What's up with that?! Mommy reach the doggies just a second or two behind Freddy and Luna and ordered them into the house. They did...still barking and snarling all the way. 

Mommy went back outside to apologize to the young man for the behavior of Freddy and the girls. "You see, Dachshunds own all that they see...... They think they're grizzly bears and don't know their size...." Etc., etc. He was quite nice about it. Then, he introduced me to Daisy. As mentioned, she's 5 months old and all legs. She's quite tall for a puppy. Once she fills out, she's going to be a big girl. And, she was the most adorable, friendly puppy. Daisy just wanted to play!

Daisy ran around the yard, sniffing everything in sight. Apparently, Freddy's digging brings up lots of new smells. She was fascinate with the dirt. She was near a bush when a squirrel jumped from it onto a tree. Daisy tucked her butt under and ran back to her Daddy. "What was that?!" Maybe she thought it was one of little doggies sneaking up on her again. Mommy enjoyed her time playing and petting Daisy.

A favorite digging spot.
After Daisy left, Mommy let Freddy and the girls back outside to the front yard. The doggies needed time to smell everywhere that Daisy went. They were not interested in smelling Mommy's hands. They only wanted to track Daisy's scent around the yard. Once Freddy was satisfied that he had run Daisy off, he was content to continue frolicking and digging in Daddy's front garden.

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  1. Your new furend Daisy sounds very nice! I'm sure you will enjoy seeing her once again (after all, she did leave some pretty good smells around ~ right?)

    Good job diggin!

    Lily Belle