Saturday, October 27, 2012

Obie, the obese Dachshund.

Update: 4/14/13: Obie's success!!!

Poor Obie. 77 lbs.
Update 1/24/13: The custody battle over Obie, an obese Dachshund from Oregon made famous on NBC's "Today Show" has ended after months of legal disputes. The woman who originally took the dog in for temporary foster care (Vanatta, a veterinary technician) is now officially his permanent owner. As for Obie, Vanatta said he has lost 28 pounds since she took him in about six months ago. 
Obie's 28-lb. weight loss!!

Update 10/29/12 p.m.: At a court hearing Monday morning, a judge decided that the dog will stay with Vanatta, at least for now. The judge said at this point it is unclear who owns Obie. Oregon Daschund Rescue was asking that the dog be turned over to them until ownership is decided, but the judge declined.

Update 10/29/12: Obie, I pray today that you win. No matter what that means, only God knows that. Breaks my heart to see this fight, all the money spent and redirected that could be saving babies that will lose their life today because no one came to save them. This is a day for tears. Take Obie out of the spotlight, and go do your rescue work. This is not it. - by Annie Craig, a friend.

This is monstrous!!!! Obie's elderly owners overfed him. He should weigh 30-40 lbs., but he weighs 77! How, how, how could somebody feed a dog until he can barely walk?! Or, breathe. There's a video on the website of Obie's eating. His breathing sounds terrible. Obie wears a harness to protect his chest and underbelly from dragging on the ground.

He was rescued by Oregon Dachshund Rescue. But, they put Obie in foster care with Nora Vanatta, who has a degree in animal science and is a certified veterinary technician. Vanatta put Obie on a strict diet, and he has lost 15 lbs. That's good.

However, Vanatta went on national television and raised thousands of dollars for Obie's care. The Oregon Dachshund Rescue says Vanatta is exploiting the dog and want Obie back. Neither of these women should get Obie. He should stay at the vet's office until he's in shape and then found a loving, caring home. All money collected should be transferred to the vet for Obie's medical care.

A judge will decide next week who gets custody of Obie. Either way, the money should go the vet's office or a true rescue group that will help many, many others. Pray for his poor baby!


  1. We have been following Obie's progress all along. We feel so bad for him, but unfortunate things happen. We heard that his owners were elderly and had the old age thing going on with their brains and just couldn't remember if they fed him or not. It was a sad, sad situation all around. But they really loved him at the same time. He's in great hands now and is receiving good help. Butt... now there's that darn court case happening because the previous rescue group wants him back. (I think too it's because Odie is now famous) Ugh! We just hope the Judge does the right thing for the dog.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. I've been following from the beginning. As someone on the Board of Directors of a dachshund rescue - this story hits particularly close to home for me. Obie NEEDS to stay with his momma (aka Nora). If anyone wants to support Nora, they can sign the petition started on her behalf. She goes to court tomorrow.