Friday, July 27, 2012

Luna...destroyer of squeaky toys.

Luna, the wiener dog, is driving Mommy crazy! Luna has a new tiger. Malibu has a new hedgehog. But, Luna wants whatever woobie Malibu is playing with. If Malibu has the tiger, then Luna whines and cries for the tiger and refuses the hedgehog. If Malibu has the hedgehog, then Luna whines and cries for the hedgehog and refuses the tiger!

It's not enough that Luna destroyed the squeaky toys in each woobie. Yes! She chews through the woobie until she's bitten the squeaky toy and it stops working. So far, Luna has left the squeaky toy inside the tiger. But, Luna surgically removed the squeaky toy from the hedgehog. That's so not nice....that's Malibu's toy.

1 comment:

  1. Ut Oh Luna.... We thinks you really killed Hedgie this time! Someone's not gonna be happy about that!

    Lily Belle