Monday, July 16, 2012

Luna is moving in slooooo-mooooo.

Still a little loopy.
Freddy, the wiener dog, lost his brother Otis at the age of six. Otis was allergic to anesthesia and nobody knew it until Otis didn't revive from his teeth cleaning. Needless to say, Freddy and his family FREAK when one of the doggies need a teeth cleaning.....but it was Luna's turn.

Luna just had her teeth cleaned and some extractions. While she was gone, Malibu was worried where her sister had gone. When Luna came home, both Freddy and Malibu ran over for the Big Sniff They were happy to see her, but didn't seem to like the "vet" smells.

Finally gets comfy.
Overall, Luna is doing well. She is moving very slowly, and her mouth hurts. It took a while before Luna  could get her jaw comfortable enough for sleeping. And, she made the mistake of barking. It must have hurt because she kept her lips slightly parted for a little while, and hasn't barked again. Luna's on pain meds and antibiotics.

Luna's still a little loopy. When Mommy asks her, "Luna, do you need to pee?", Luna gives Mommy a dazed look like, "I don't know. Do I?" And, Luna can't eat her crunchy food yet. So, Daddy is cooking scrambled eggs for Luna.

"My paw hurts."
Luna cannot stop licking the foot where she had an I.V. Poor thing. And, for a little while, Luna was making this faint "hummmm-umpf" noise, over and over again. It was quite sad. She'll feel better in a few days. Until then, Luna is moving in slow motion.

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  1. Oh Luna, you is very brave to endure such a thing. I is sorry you has a painful, but I is sure you knows it has many importants for us wiener dogs to get our tooths cleaned and occasionally extracted. You gots to does it, or else you will end up a toothless old man - er, woman - like me. I mean, I no is a lady, and you no is a man.... I mean.... ok, I is quitting before I digs my hole any deeper. Feel betters soon!