Saturday, July 7, 2012

Freddy's Mom and Doggie Pee

Freddy, the wiener dog, admits that is a strange title but his Mommy has been wanting to write about doggie pee for quite some time....ever since we adopted Luna.

Mommy has been fascinated with Freddy, Luna and Malibu and their different ways of peeing. Strange? Perhaps. Freddy pees like a regular boy doggie. But, he lifts his leg so high that it looks like he could flip over in the other direction. Now, Freddy - probably like all boy doggies - needs to pee on everything. Marking his territory, no doubt. He also has to pee after the girls, especially Luna. Then, he kicks his hind legs back like a snorting bull. Mommy finds this show of dominance amusing.

Now, Malibu squats and pees like a regular girl doggie. Interestingly, Mommy rarely sees Malibu pee. She has to pee.....everybody and everything has to pee. But, Malibu is stealth. Of course, Malibu runs around outside all the time - digging and hunting for frogs. She has plenty of time to pee.

Luna is quite, quite different. She doesn't pee unless invited outside. Mommy has to actually walk Luna outside so Luna will pee, otherwise Luna won't go outside on her own. Luna seems to be able to hold her pee for a long time....long time. The best part of Luna's peeing is that Luna squats like a girl doggie, but then she lifts one hind leg like a boy doggie! Mommy has wanted to take a picture of this little acrobat maneuver, but she didn't think Freddy's readers would really want to see Luna's peeing. Anyway, somehow Luna manages to balance herself on all three legs while squatted way down. How is this possible? Mommy assumes Luna learned the Leg Lift from her daddy and brothers, but Mommy has never ever seen a girl doggie do this. It's actually quite cool.

Thanks for letting Mommy talk about doggie pee. Maybe now she won't be so interested in it anymore. 


  1. its a females way of marking their territory like boys...Ruby and Kahlua are especially good at the balancing act.

  2. Oh that Luna sounds just like my sister Muffin. Ya gotta go outside with her before she will do anything. Then you gotta walk her right to the grass and give her the pee command. What the heck is up with that?????

    Lily Belle

  3. Pee is ALWAYS an interesting subject to humans, huh? :)


  4. Yes, Lily, that's it!! I totally forgot that I have to walk out onto the grass and give her the cheer "Pee in the grass Luna!" Then, she pees. What is up with that?? Yes, least since becoming a Mommy I've become interested in pee.