Friday, July 13, 2012

Lennox: The gloves come off.

Lennox with Sandie Lightfoot,
the dog warden who confiscated
Lennox from his family.
She testified under oath
that she believes Lennox
is aggressive and she is
afraid of him, how she cannot
control him, and how she is
"frightened" for her own
safety and refuses to
get near Lennox or go into
the same vicinity as
him due to his aggression.
Freddy, the wiener dog, and his Mommy are still very sad that the Belfast City Council executed Lennox, an American Bulldog/Labrador mix for no reason other than their own corruption and arrogance. This has greatly upset Freddy's Mommy because she has had dogs that an ignorant person would label "a Pit Bull type" dog, but were not. Freddy's and his Mommy have also had real Pit Bulls into their home as foster or baby-sitting. The Pit Bulls were all sweet, kind and gentle with no aggression issues....Not even when Freddy defended his territory. These lovable big babies just wanted to please and play.

Freddy's Mommy read this excellent blog: "Canine Aggression Issues with Jim Crosby. This blog looks at the facts behind canine aggression and fatal dog attacks. The data used here largely comes directly from Jim's on-scene and personal investigations into these cases." In particular, his blog post "Lennox: The gloves come off." Jim discusses and evaluates Lennox as well as two other dogs - one with "human focus aggression" (JoJo) and one that was labeled aggressive, but actually wasn't (Helo). "My evaluations never mention the dogs' appearance, as physical appearance has absolutely no bearing on behavior. In fact, "JoJo" wasn't even a breed banned in the UK. Neither was Helo."

Jim ends his post with: "I am so sorry Lennox.  We tried to get you a fair shot.  I just hope your death serves to be the seed for change, and that your sacrifice motivates others to fight unfair laws based in ignorance and hate." Freddy and his humans agree.

Please read "Lennox: The gloves come off." Thank you.

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